Fantasia Festival 2013 Recap – Part Five: THE WORLD’S END, CURSE OF CHUCKY, and I’LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN

If you made it this far you’re in for a special treat because it’s PART FIVE of our extensive Fantasia Film Fest coverage! This one is the biggie featuring Edgar Wright’s epic Sci-Fi-Horror-Pubcrawl flick THE WORLD’S END, the latest CURSE OF CHUCKY, and Haley Joel Osment and Gillian Anderson in I’LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN. The geeky gang’s roundtable discussion is already in progress:

The World’s End

Director: Edgar Wright

Screenplay: Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright

Cast: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Rosamund Pike, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan

Vagabond Spacecat: Let’s skip ahead to the closing film. And talk about the most hyped and sought film of the fest: THE WORLD’S END!

MyzMyth: This film sold out within minutes. Literally. We had Spacecat camping outside for tickets and he was thwarted by online sales.

Spacecat: It’s Edgar Wright, can you blame him?

Demonobototron6066: It all worked out in the end because they did free up additional tickets a few days before.

MyzMyth: Totally worth it, because this film was beyond awesome sauce.

Spacecat: I friggin’ love Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg. SHAUN OF THE DEAD is one of those films that if you’re flipping channels, or if it’s at a party and it’s playing in the background, you immediately stop what you’re doing and watch it. Because it’s just that good. THE WORLD’S END is pretty much just like that.

Demonobototron6066: Entirely different plot though. This is a very different film with just enough similar elements to please fans of SHAUN but enough newness to keep you wanting more.

MyzMyth: And the plot is fairly simple but truly perfect. Four old school friends reunite in a reattempt to finish a pub-crawl they had 20 years earlier… only to find that something is very wrong with their old hometown.

Spacecat: First of all, this film is really funny. If you’re just looking for a film about a douchey alcoholic misfit (played perfectly by Simon Pegg) coaxing his old pals, into a night of drinking and causing them all sorts of unwanted hijinx, mostly because it’s been 20 years and they’ve all — save for Simon Pegg’s character– moved on, grew up, and have had lives, well that’s half of this movie.

MyzMyth: And if you’re looking for a film with creepy robots–

DBT6066: Hey!

MyzMyth: Creepy robots hellbent on assimilating every last human being that resists their way. That’s the other half. Best of both worlds in my book.

DBT6066: Not all robots are hellbent on assimilating–

Spacecat: Okay, we get it. Move on.

DBT6066: Fine. Well on the topic of humanoid mechanical men that gush copious amounts of blue goo and light up like they have a sun living inside of them, I suppose they were quite effective in being terrifying, weird, and “creepy”.

Spacecat: They were friggin’ awesome! Easily some of the best big blockbuster effects I’ve seen in some time. You know what’s better than conventional gore? Robot’s losing limbs and bleeding blue and then using their severed limbs in unconventional ways. That’s what.

MyzMyth: And they do all this while still being hilarious. Some of the best scenes are the cast trying to grasp what’s going on and then going through the trouble of coming up with a proper term for these robot creatures.

DBT6066: Don’t forget the subplots, and budding romances, and little hints and glimpses that fill in the pieces as to why this group grew apart. There’s so much in this film but it doesn’t feel bogged down at all.

Spacecat: And because Edgar Wright is so good at what he does, he manages to do all this and still have some amazing fight choreography… especially the scenes were Nick Frost cuts loose.

DBT6066: They said it during the Q&A (which Nick Frost and Edgar Wright attended) and I would totally agree. Nick Frost is a total action hero.

Spacecat: It was so slick. The scene where Simon Pegg is trying to drink a pint while fighting a robot hoard is classic silent film slapstick.

MyzMyth: And to think that a lot of these shots where filmed as long takes without cutting.

Spacecat: It’s brilliant. It really is. Proof of what an amazing director Wright is.

MyzMyth: It was a constant barrage of nonstop fun. So many genres just meshed together. Definitely this summer’s most entertaining film. I challenge anyone to disagree!

Spacecat: You do like challenges.

MyzMyth: I have a sword!

Spacecat: Moving along, even the little things, like quick cuts every time they have a pint, or the ambiance of all these pubs. There’s so much character in this films. The pubs themselves have character. The town. The people. This is the quintessential Edgar Wright film and fans will not be disappointed.

DBT6066: Wright mentioned after the film that he was always keen to show in his films other aspects and places of England that don’t get shown much in films and television. And he’s really done a good job of that because you feel like you know this town.

MyzMyth: Another thing he mentioned was the care and detail put into the movie to give the viewer things to look out for the 2nd time viewing it. We were lucky to catch the film twice–

Spacecat: IT’S THAT GOOD.

MyzMyth: And you definitely catch a lot of things the 2nd time. Certain hints. Colour-Coding. Details you missed.

DBT6066: If anything it’s worth catching this film a bunch because of the dialogue is so perfect. There will be many lines repeated from this film for years to come.

Spacecat: And once again, I just want to stress the level of impressive effects this film used. It’s used in such a way that it doesn’t overpower the story. The story and effects go hand in hand. Edgar Wright gets it. You need a good story and likeable characters in addition to spectacular effects. You really feel for and understand these characters.

MyzMyth: And what an amazing cast! 

Spacecat: That’s a large part of it. Spectacular character growth. I’ve seen better evolution of characters in these 2 or so hours thanYou want them to get to safety. But you also want them to reach the final pub, which is aptly named The World’s End!

MyzMyth: Such classic themes in this one. It’s modern mythology. Betrayl. Redemption Forgiveness.

DBT6066: And really, the whole thing is about being human.

Spacecat: That does sum it up.

DBT6066: Well, don’t look at me. I don’t know the slightest thing about being human.

Spacecat: …

MyzMyth: Anyhoo. This film does so much on every level and the packed sold out house absolutely loved this one. You had the passionate and patented Fantasia crowd reactions throughout the whole film.


DBT6066: I think it’s one of the better apocalyptic scenario films. And that end…

MyzMyth: I know. I want to see more, but I don’t think we’ll see another. Edgar Wright likes creating new world, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

Spacecat: If you liked the 80s INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS, or WESTWORLD, you will absolutely love this film. In fact, if you just like film in general you will LOVE this film.

DBT6066: That’s a pretty generalized description.


MyzMyth: THE WORLD’S END opens this week on the 23rd of august. Watch it. Love it. And watch it again.


Curse of Chucky

Director: Don Mancini

Screenplay: Don Mancini

Cast: A. Martinez, Brennan Elliott, Danielle Bisutti, Fiona Dourif, Chantal Quesnell, Brad Dourif

MyzMyth: I’m Chucky, wanna play?

DBT6066: Creepy!

Spacecat: Chucky is back and he’s up to his old tricks… and he’s teamed back up with the creators of the original Chucky, Don Mancini & David Kirschner, to take the film back to basics. 

DBT6066: It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since the first CHILD’S PLAY. Or maybe I’m just really old. Either way, CURSE OF CHUCKY is a return to form and the emphasis is on the horror and not the humour.

MyzMyth: That’s not to say there aren’t funny moments. There are. But it’s definitely a darker tone.

Spacecat: This film centers around a young woman named Nica (Played by Fiona Dourif, daughter of Brad Dourif, the voice of Chunky) who receives a strange package in the mail. 

DBT6066: That package is an equally strange doll that’s unfamiliar to her, but instantly familiar to everyone in the audience.

Spacecat: Things soon turn south when her Mother mysteriously ends up dead. Her sister, niece (who immediately takes a liking to this strange doll), and others arrive to console her but the mysterious deaths soon increase and the mayhem ensues!

MyzMyth: If you’ve seen one Chucky film you can figure out what’s going on, but there are plenty of twists and turns that keep this worthy sequel entertaining.

Spacecat: Creepy killer dolls. What’s not to love?

DBT6066: There’s also some drama and thrills since Nica has limited mobility (she’s confined to a wheelchair) and pretty much the only one that suspects this doll of being responsible.

MyzMyth: And despite how capable she is, and she is more than capable, her sister, Barb, feels Nica should be living elsewhere… but maybe that has something to do with her wanting to sell the large family home.

DBT6066: And there’s also the priest, the nanny, and Barb’s husband all of whom add to the drama and tension…

MyzMyth: Oh yes, and that killer psychopath doll that wants everyone dead.

Spacecat: And this film does a great job with building the tension. Most of the film takes place in this house and the many details and potential deathtraps / play things of Chucky are perfectly set up.

DBT6066: Some great gore going on too. The kills are pretty creative and just build as the film goes on.

MyzMyth: Lower Jaw! Electrocution! Eyeballs! Dismemberment!

Spacecat: Clearly a lot of fun.

DBT6066: I must say, that while I watched the R-rated cut, it was still pretty ghoulish and gruesome for you gorehounds!

MyzMyth: You watched the R-Rated cut? What’s wrong with you?

DBT6066: Dolls freak me out.

MyzMyth: Anyway, the Unrated cut is far more gruesome and well worth checking out. Some special surprises in the end too.

Spacecat: Speaking of surprises, this film has a good deal of those too. And fears of this being a reboot were unfounded because this film clearly plays in the continuity of the past film and builds on it. This is a sequel through-and-through. And one fans will adore.

DBT6066: Back to Fiona Dourif, she does a great job playing Nica. You really get a sense of her strength and vulnerability all at once. And her determination to fight back against this bundle of evil and plastic.

Spacecat: Loved the look and evolution of the Chucky doll throughout the film, too. Great effects in this one. Awesome puppeteer work.

DBT6066: And Chucky still sounds like the menacing homicidal creep we all know and love. I’m really glad they got Brad back on board for this one.

MyzMyth: How could they not? Chucky is now a classic horror icon and a large part of that goes to the amazing voice acting.

Spacecat: It’s everything you could want of a Chucky film.

DBT6066: Possessed dolls are creepy. The fact that there have been six of these films and they’re still creepy is a testament to how creepy they can be.

Spacecat: You can catch CURSE OF CHUCKY this October 8th on your DVD/Blu-Ray shelf. And if you’re impatient, get it on September 24th digitally at your fave digital film distributor source place thingie.

DBT6066: Or get the whole box set of all the films and have a marathon with all your other possessed dolls and creepy puppet things.

MyzMyth: If you like creepy dolls and creepy deaths and creepy thrills, then this is the perfect batch of creepy. I walked away from this film wanting to see another.

Spacecat: And creeped out by possessed puppets.


I’ll Follow You Down

Director: Richie Mehta

Screenplay: Richie Mehta

Cast: Haley Joel Osment, Gillian Anderson, Victor Garber, Rufus Sewell, Susanna Fournier

Spacecat: And now at the other end of the spectrum, we have this great bit of classic thinking-man’s sci-fi.

DBT6066: I’LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN feels like a classic Rod Serling or Richard Matheson of the TWILIGHT ZONE. Really good stuff. I got choked up. And that’s tough to do when you’re a robot.

MyzMyth: The story is about a physicist/husband/father (Rufus Sewell, DARK CITY!!!) who goes off on a research trip but but never returns. With no trace of him of him remaining at all.

Spacecat: What should have been 3 days turns into 12 years, and a grieving mother (Gillian Anderson of THE X-FILES) and son (Haley Joel Osment, THE SIXTH SENSE) deal with his absence in different way.

MyzMyth: The mother’s depressed and distraught, while the son pretty much stopped caring.

DBT6066: But certain information comes to the attention of the boy, now much older and on his way to becoming a brilliant physicist in his own right, that maybe his dad didn’t abandon him and something else happened instead…

MyzMyth: We’d give spoilers, but let’s just say it involves some heavy theories in quantum physics.

Spacecat: This film is a wonderful character piece. Really awesome performances from this all-star cast.  It’s also Osment’s first major acting role (not counting a bunch of voice-acting) since 2001!

MyzMyth: And he’s a very conflicted character and part of him doesn’t want to believe what he’s hearing and ignores it… but certain events lead him to take a second look at finding out what happened, and possibly finding and helping his father…


Spacecat: This one definitely tugs at the heartstrings and it also puts forth important questions about science and discovery, and a person’s actions and how they have an impact on everyone. If you could change something to possibly make things better, with the chance of it making other things worse, would you? Should you?

MyzMyth: Total straight up TWILIGHT ZONE.

DBT6066: Revealing any more would do a disservice to the plot, but this is very smart and clever writing and a great story with a lot of human heart and emotion.

Spacecat: Says the inhuman robot…

DBT6066: The writer and director of the story, Richie Mehta, who attended the world premiere, had said that this was a very personal story to him, and it took over 10 years for him to get this made. And you see that longtime labour of love in this piece. It’s a really good work of intelligent science-fiction.

Spacecat: And what I love about films like this is that you have no idea where it would go. It could go anywhere… and it does. And then some.

MyzMyth: It’s powerful. It’s one of those films that stays with you.

DBT6066: And that’s a feat for a Canadian made film. Just kidding, Canada. You know I love you

Spacecat: There’s some real clever eureka moments in this film where certain seemingly unimportant things leap out. Specifically near the end. It’s rather smart. I’d say more but I really don’t want to give too much away.

DBT6066: If you like things like DONNIE DARKO, or the works of Ray Bradbury or Phillip K. Dick, this film is right up your alley. Be on the lookout for this one. Definitely a “quieter” Fantasia film, but easily one of the best picks of this year.



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