The Festival Chromatic 2017 at Studio L’Éloi

The 8th Edition of Festival Chromatic, was held at Studio L’Eloi, a venue in the Mile End neighbourhood in Montreal. This is a space that exhibited works of many different mediums from local and international artists. The festival ran from May 24th to June 1st,

Festival Chromatic was encompassed by lights and sounds, photographs, Virtual Reality performances, films, installations, interactive projections and many more medias and artistic practices.

On the first floor of Studio L’Éloi, in a space called the Warehouse, the installations were mostly visuals and lights artworks, on the second part of this event, on the 5th floor, there was a Lightroom for photography and sculptures and a darkroom for short films and lit sculptures.

On May 27, we, the Mobsters, assisted to the opening of the Chromatic festival, in which we enjoyed the African and Brazilian beats played by the Dj in the rooftop of L’Eloi.

One of Festival Chromatic’s favourites by the exhibition-goers was definitely a light and sound digital installation by NONOTAK studio, a collaboration between the illustrator Noemi Schipfer and the architect musician Takami Nakamoto. The spectators were amused by the “X” shaped installation that lit up to the rhythm of some ambient music.

Another striking art piece at Chromatic was the work of Mapp_MTL, this club of graphic designers create illustrations with vivid, colorful projections and tape.

The Blackbox Collective was another installation in the Warehouse floor, which displayed a projection of moving lights inside four black walls.

On Sunday 28th it was the kids’ turn to have fun at Chromatic. The event provided different activities and workshops for specially targeted to kids, from printmaking to drawing and even a temporary tattoo station.

On May 29th the main event was Composite # 10, presented by Chromatic at Infopresse, this was an event in which artists and entrepreneurs of different digital medias present their projects and their concepts in development or completed, in front of the public, in order to inspire other artists, organizations and companies.

On May 31st the Centerfold Gallery hosted a party and in their event the spectators could vote for their favourite photographs by all taken different artists from the city.

At the ending of the Festival, on June 1st, Chromatic closed with an amazing party on the rooftop of the Studio L’Eloi. Hopefully next year we come back to experience this incredible event in which artists get together to create a rather fascinating and mesmerizing show that invites people from all ages to appreciate digital and visual art.

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Melina Vera is a photographer based in Montreal. She was born in Montreal and raised in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia. She is currently studying Photography at Concordia University. On her spare time she loves going to shows, taking photographs, biking around the city and baking.

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