Igloofest 2018 Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dj Esco, Boi-1da, Apashe

For this 12th edition of Igloofest we teamed up with Sur Le Corner En Direct team and KushTard to bring you 2 video recaps of the festivities.

Last year Mobters Dan attended the festival and mentioned:

Seeing people enthusiastically indulge their goofiest tendencies points to the core of Igloofest, which is a communal sense of fun. Sure, you might end up being so cold that you’ll genuinely consider microwaving various body parts, but part of Igloofest’s charm is in the crowd’s collective defiance of winter’s oppression, choosing not be held back by mother nature’s icy hand.

That’s pretty accurate! And this year was no exception!

Video recap of Igloofest #7 : Black Tiger Sex Machine, Dj Esco, Boi-1da, Apashe
This video was produced in collaboration with KushTard and Sur Le Corner En Direct

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February 1st Artists

Sapporo Stage
Black Tiger Sex Machine x Apashe x Dabin x Karluv Klub 
VJs: Rémi Vincent aka. Tetsouille x Video Girl

Videotron Stage

DJ Esco x Boi-1da x Lou Phelps x VNCE Carter x Nate Husser x Fafa Khan
VJs: Homing, O\\\, TiND

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