I’ll be the judge of that!!!

Well hello everyone. How are ya?! So I’ve had the opportunity to judge a few of Paul Ash’s Kick Ash Comedy Shows over the last few months. I have yet to express how much fun I’ve had doing it. It’s always a blast to be able to participate and have a lot of good laughs at the same time. Whatever, call me judgmental if you’d like, I see it more as being observantly curious if you will. Hopefully my awesome co-judge Shayne Pickle and I did a good job this week, cause let me tell ya, this one was tough. I do like a good challenge.

Now feel free to judge ME now folks, but I must say that I do look forward to the big inexpensive beers when I go to Andrew’s pub. And this week, we had quite a treat! Along with our lovely host Paul ash and being greeted with the musical stylings of Rami Sabongui, but there was yet another slamming lineup! The always incredible DeAnne Smith warmed the crowed up with a selection of jokes that she introduced as bad but really were quite good. Keith Waterfeild closed the show as we tallied up the votes. I haven’t had the chance to see many of his acts so I’m very much looking forward to seeing more. Then there was Jessica Solomon, Theo Radomski, Dave Shultz, Heavy T and Bradley Levandier. All of whom I had the chance to see perform for the first time this and all were great at dealing with the hecklers who graced us with their presence this week. Also, this my friends was actually the first time that any comic has ever tried to bribe us with money! Thank you Theo for the three dollar and fifty cent offering. Psst, your brother took it.
Last but not least, I’d like to congratulate the Kick Ashiest winner Barry Carter! It’s always a great time to hear someone make fun of abnormally low-pants wearing young gentle men trying to run for the bus. Or after anything for that matter. Barry will be leaving our crazy city for Toronto quite soon. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish him the best of luck with his career, family and much more.

It’s always a pleasure to judge The Kick Ash shows. surprises often just seem to pop up! Hope to see you all next Tuesday at Andrew’s for a very special Kick Ash where the Yo Momma preliminaries will be held. Come one come all, but um, please don’t bring your mother. Until next time!


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  • Anonymous
    13 years ago

    It’s Mike Gamache, Jo. I am viewing this on my mobile and it won’t allow me to repost. Am I still in the draw?

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