What a performance!

The room was silent, you could hear a pin drop and every one’s attention was on one person: Dan Bingham. His one-man  show was brilliant and it’s no wonder it won Just For Laughs Best Comedy Award!
Having gone too far in our cab, we got there late but had only missed about 10 minutes of the show. By some dumb luck, we got seat right up front. I didn’t dare take a picture because of the noise my new camera would make. Theatre St-Catherine was full and all eyes we’re on Dan.
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Right away, I was taking in by his intensity and yet relaxed approach on the subject that is his life. It’s not easy opening up to a bunch of strangers over and over again about the most fucked up, and most memorable times in your life. You thought you had it bad!? From his adoptive mother Maurine to Fucking John (funny that’s how I call my dad too), all the way to “The Biologicals”, Dan puts you in his shoes as you walk down his path and feel his pain, his joy, his tears and his battles. I was touched and inspired to take the shit in your life and turn it into gold.

I can’t wait to see it again. Having missed just a little, I don’t feel right or complete. When it comes around, I invite you to go check out this beautiful one-man show. You will relate, you will cry and you’ll laugh out loud. “I’ve never laughed and cried during a show in a long ass time!” said the Tu.
“The Little Mermaid, once again, helping people fit in everywhere.” said the Jo
Dan hit it on the nose though. Hadn’t he gone to live with such a fucked up family, I wouldn’t be writing this here post and he wouldn’t be the talented comedian he is today. No matter how shitty life gets, there is ALWAYS a reason for it. We just never see the reason until later on.
Thank you Dan

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