The 2011 Montreal MPROV Festival is around the corner.

 That’s right folks, in under 2 weeks, some of the best improv troupes will be in town doing their thing. That’s making you laugh. Guess what? We are sponsoring them! Yep we will be covering every night of the festival with tweets, words and pictures.
Improv has been a subject of comedy I’ve been meaning to tackle.  Well here’s my chance. As I will be learning about them, so shall you.
For the next week, I will do mini post describing each troupe, what makes them different from the others and when you can catch their  show. I’m so excited to get my feet wet, soaking wet.
Here’s the schedule for the 4 days of the festival.
And it will all go down at the Montreal Improv, 3713 St-Laurent #202,
Special thanks to Marc Rowland for making me apart of all this fun and for all your support. The love will be returned.
Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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