The Fringe is off to a great start!

It has begun. Last night at Café Campus was the launch for the Fringe Festival. What a night, what a production, what madness, what fun! It was my first time sitting through the 4 hour event and let me tell you, I am proud of myself and all of those who stuck it through.

We had three amazing hosts Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Shane Adamczak and Vance Gillis introducing acts, interacting with the crowd and keeping the show rolling. Holly took it to another level with her Bee dress. Now that’s how you participate! It’s not an easy job to get the attention of a buzzy crowd and man was it buzzy at times.













Now, understand that the Fringe is no ordinary festival. It takes the rules and throws them out the window. Anything goes! Only at the Fringe will you find robots, light shows in the palm of ones hands, jello used for guts, a wedding, beautiful singing combined with tomfoolery,  a snuggie, Eggo waffles, tampons and titties. I saw all these things and seriously hats off to performance arts. I did some theatre in high school, so I know the work that goes behind a production.

Try taking only 2 minutes of your show to represent what it’s all about AND get people to come see it. Not as easy as it sounds. The majority pulled it off without a blip and some tried to milk their time but overall, I saw some interesting sets that definitely put them on my to-watch list. As the night went on, the room dwindled down and I felt for those acts that didn’t get the same presence as the first half did. However, the level of performance was just as sharp and energetic. My phone died before the end but not before I could catch some cool Vines to share with you.


Which previews stuck with me? Let me name a few off the top of my head. The Circus Prom. This looks so entertaining and fun. Hoola hoops, contortionist, circus… I don’t need any more convincing thank you. Johnny Legdick, the guy who had a dick for a leg? And through song? Hello?! That was hilarious. Interesting things to do with tampons? Go see FRAG! Thanks girls, I didn’t have to go to the pharmacy last night. Great timing BTW. My inner geek is screaming to go see IRidea. Dance, robots, lights? Oh yeah, you heard me. What else you ask? How about a musical called The Last Metro or some sick dancers from Le 2e Sexe? No?! OK some opinions from Jess Salomon or how about some crime fighting with Hardcastle and McCormick? The Fringe really has it all for you Montreal!


Big Ups to Amy Blackmore for being the top notch Executive & Artistic Director of the Fringe. Not an easy job but she does it with grace and style. Congrats on a superb launch!

Another shout out to Café Campus. What an insane job you guys did on keeping up with 2 minute sets. Lights, music, cues and timing were on key. The switch over and segways were quick and clean….  Seriously, great job by your team. BRAVO!

We’ll be putting up a FRINGE album of pictures from last night and all shows to come. Be sure to like us on Facebook to check them out!

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