Keep Grindin’ People!

This weekend is a mind-blowing  event for you comedy fans. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be the first Grinders Comedy Weekend. Theatre St-Catherine presents all it’s artist wether you be stand-up comedian, improviser or a sketch comedy kind of dude, this weekend has it all.

To name a few of the acts you will see are Peter Stevens, Christopher Betts, Heidi Lynn Weeks and Lise Vigneault. Every night will kick off with some improv, the cream will be sketch comedy and then some stand-up comedy for dessert. How can you not have a good time!? Theatre St-Catherine represents to all these artists a home where they can grow, learn and meet other people with the same interests.
You know how to grind?

Yes that’s right! Getting down to the nitty gritty and doing what you gotta do. Doing what you love to even if it only brings YOU satisfaction and not your wallet. Money is great but doing what you love the most in the world is priceless and you can’t replace that. I know this to true. My blog brings me so much satisfaction, motivation, the feeling that I finally know what I want to do with my life. Quitting my job and collecting welfare are the 2 best things I’ve done this year.

What’s even better is when people support what you do and  want you to do more. Even more rewarding than an Esso paycheck,

Also, this weekend is the launch of GRINDERS: a brand new webseries about struggling artist in Montreal .

So come out this weekend and support your local artists Montreal and Theatre St-Catherine that supports them. Tickets are 15$, to get them in advance click here. Kick off time is 7:30pm and don’t forget to stick around for the after-parties. They always kick ass!

So pop in this weekend and have some laughs with friends, drink some beer and support our talented performers.

Don’t Stop Laughing,

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