Just for Laughs presents….CNIC at the Comedy Nest!! Part 1

Yes Wednesday night, we we’re at the Comedy Nest with the winner of our contest…Mr Paul Ash.
OK. Funny thing is he was the only one to enter. That’s right, one entry. Thank you for the support and trying to pump out our contest. It just means we need more work, more coverage and more networking. I’m ready. I hope next time around y’all will come out and show your love!!

We met up at Villa and headed downtown to the spot for Comedy Night in Canda presented by Just For Laughs. It’s always great hanging out with Paul, not just because we get to meet comics easier and find out the different scoops happening around town but because he fills my virgin comedy brain with knowledge I need to know if I want to succeed in this business.
Bill Hicks died in 1993 but his influence on comedy has been major. I’ll be doing a post on him in the near future.
So we get to the Nest say hi to peeps and Paul was obviously a known face. Like he says he use to be famous! We got to meet Jo-Anna Downey who said I was an idiot for not wanting to do comedy. My reaction….Total laughter. If you can call me an idiot to my face and you don’t know me, I love you already.
Crude and ladylike, she hosted the night beautifully with great bits as well as fucking with the audience. She was funny before she hit the stage and I was real happy to meet you. Hope to see you soon!
Daniel Tirado, one of TuJoHaHa’s favorites, took the stage with once again a great set. Your bit on Enrique and Ricky rubbing up the walls was a fucking ab work-out. Hilarious! Loved it! You prove that really getting in the role makes the other part of stand-up! Retard got to try that!
I got to see Eddy King  this time. I was very happy to. He was real good. Love the accent and it is not hard to understand you at all my dear! Now I know why I’m always late too. Should of known.
My white song is anything by Meatloaf.
Joey Elias, what a treat. He came out and used the crowd to a T. The chiropractor, the funny accountant which by the way was killing the room all night with his laugh. Joey Elias was a hit and left the audience in tears! Can’t wait to see him again!
Mark Little is the kind of comic that will make you laugh at something you thought you would never even smile at ‘cuz it’s dumb, in your opinion. But when mark Little says it, HILARIOUS. Paul Ash was right. This guy is great. I’m catching up on my YouTube viewing of PICNICFACE, the troop that he’s apart of. I loved his act. Bits that don’t go together but because of this they do go together. I loved the MC at the end . I’ll be MC anytime.
Oh the pop machine killed Tulia.
Next up was the hilarious Glen Wool. He was amazing!! I loved the way he tweaks his voice and his crazy hair that flows with his jokes. I loved every bit of it. Who do I like more though… Sober Glen, drunk Glen or cocaine Glen…Mmmmm
To finish off the night was Derek Edwards. What a great way to end a show! I totally agree we have the Cadillac of bums. Yes they are fucking creative. They make being homeless a creative job.
After the show we said our goodbyes to Silver and Ryan. Our trio made a piss stop and headed out to the Comedy Works for another show! Was a great night and can’t wait for the next. Trying to suck up as much as I can but there is so much to take in… I don’t know where to start or end! I love it!!!
Thanks again to our winner Paul Ash of the Win a night out contest.Your kindness to us will never be forgotten. After all you could go tell me to fuck off but you didn’t and instead you went the other way and welcomed us into the scene. With all our hearts, thank you.
See you soon!
Oh Shout Out to this lovely couple not only for being together for 32 years but for making a comedy night even better. I love to laugh and  I know my laughs can be loud and not well timed. So I can always appreciate someones laugh. It’s like a signature or a finger print to me. Unique and special. Cheers to us laughers!!

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