Last Night at Kafein Cafe/Bar: Gilson Lubin and Co.

Good afternoon ladies and gents! As most of you are enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, I write to you from a Starbucks accompanied by my cappucino as my partner in crime for the afternoon,  where I shall recount to you the wonderful night I had at Kafein Cafe on Bishop. Last night, Gilson Lubin was back in town for the first time in two years, accompanied by fellow comedians Morgan O’Shea, Jason Yearow, Rodney Ramsey, Kris Dulgar and host Kris Bonaparte. The setting was very intimate and cozy, almost as if this were a private show, as if we were the privileged “chosen ones” in attendance. Although there was roughly 20 people in the living room sized bar, at times it felt as if there was double, or even triple that amount (that might have to do with Dulgar’s infectuous laughter throughout the entire show)!

Bonaparte’s laid-back attitude perfectly matched last night’s chilled-out atmosphere. Introducing the first comedian of the night, O’Shea managed to decorate a dreadful disease— gout— by turning it into the “aristocrats disease”, described his personal exorcism-like experience of masturbation  and entertained us some more with his anecdotes on life as a man-slut.

Throughout the night, the mic was causing the comedians problem. To be honest, in such a small bar, using a microphone is pointless! I was at the back, and I could hear them all loud and clear, no mic needed! Anyways, between Yearow’s story of his broken ass and the challenges faced with being cash poor, and Dulgar’s  ex-girlfriends and real life slow-motion baseball stories, lied one of my favourite comedians of the night, Rodney Ramsey. His honesty and literalness caught the crowd by surprise and produced many laughs. The link he created between popes and pimps ( “popes die like pimps”) was my favourite line of his act. His creativity and his relaxed demeanour made his stories about his rebellious teenage years made his act stand out from the rest.

Finally, Bonaparte introduced the headliner and final act of the night, Gilson Lubin. His twenty-five minute act flew by so fast, I could have listened to him tell jokes and anecdoctes for hours! Lubin’s endearing personality and smooth wit left the crowd wanting for more, as he talked about his “insulting” celebrity status and the day he learned how to spell “Bugatti” as rapper Drake drove right past him. After the show, I got the chance to talk to him and all I can say is that he is one very cool dude, and I hope to see him again (hopefully before another two years go by!)

You can catch more of Kris Bonaparte’s Comedy Lounge shows every month. Check out website for more details.

See you soon


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