Let’s get things straight

Last weekend, the Tu checked out Samedi Comedy à la P’tite Place. Her post was taking a little harshly and I’m gonna explain some points. We have always been a support source for comedy. We’re not here to critique acts or tell you how to improve your craft. We are here though to let you know how a show went, good and bad. And putting on a show, many things can go wrong. all not the producers fault. From acts not showing up, to acts going over time, small crowd, lighting…A lot goes into a show even if it’s just consist of a stage, a mic and a spotlight.

The last post has come off as a “negative” post. This was not the point. I won’t apologize for Tulia’s post but I will apologize if people digested it badly. We want to tell readers how it goes down at at comedy show. Sometimes the crowd is full of twats who are on their cell phones the whole time and act like the person on stage is being rude when they bust them on it! Sometimes shows start late for many reasons: reservations haven’t arrived yet, comics are late… I went to a show where the spotlight just kept failing. It was lame and I pointed that out in the post. Nothing is personal on this blog! It’s just information. (Well this one is personal)

Also, if I haven’t been out to see your room yet, don’t be mad. ~sniff sniff~ My work stops me from seeing shows however I’ll be looking for an intern to help me out with this summer and with following comedy in general around town.

I appreciate all comments, negative and positive. That’s the only way to learn and the only way to grow. We are a positive vibe on the comedy scene and if we point out some “bad” spots, no one should feel like it was direct stab at them. Once again thank you for caring and coming back to check up on us everyday!

Take care and keep on laughing,


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