The MP3 Experiment

Have you ever wanted to be apart of an amazing experiment? Picture hundreds if not thousands of people all giving the same instructions all set to go off at the same time. Imagine what you can end up with!? It might look a little something like this.
Pretty cool right? Well Just For Laughs is joining up with  Improv Everywhere to bring you the MP3 Experiment to Montreal. Who started this movement? Created by Charlie Todd in 2001, Improv Everywhere is a New York City based prank collective that have done over a 100 missions creating chaos and joy involving tens of thousands of people. This is your chance to be involved in a once in a fun and unique event.
It works like this.
Everyone downloads an mp3 recording to their device. All participants go to a or many specific location(s) and at the specified time, we all press play. Let your inhibitions go and join us!

 Yes, you want to play don’t you! Well join the event on FB and wait for the time, the place and the mp3 to be added. I promise it will be such a whirling good time. Invite your peeps and spread the word. Go to to check out more clips on the MP3 Experiment and don’t forget to check out Just For Laughs to see what they have in store for you this summer!
The MP3 Experience is coming…will you be there?

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