Like a fish out of water


Due to my kindness and neglect, my phone has been cut, put on and cut again. Man, I have never felt so out of place. Especially for me, one who is addicted to social media, these past weeks have been hell! Not being able to check in places, no sharing capability unless in a Wifi hot spot zone, not being able to text my boyfriend in Toronto or even call my mom… I was gonna cry. But then I realized I still have the Internet. Duh! I can email people. Yes, I have moved up to the new generation of relationships. I won’t even say new. Just for me I guess. At first it was face to face, then phone calls. Soon text messages took over and now email conversations? Je pense que oui.

I also realized how much I depend on that piece of metal and plastic. For many of us, it holds all our contacts, memos, emails and important dates. Without our phone, many of us are fucked!

I took my challenge and left my phone at home one day because it was useless to me. All day I felt naked. My hands and fingers had nowhere to go. One night after work, I went out for drinks with some friends and all night I was reaching for my phone, realizing I didn’t have it. But then thinking, “What would you do with it? Take a picture? Play Farm Frenzy 3?” It’s funny when you realize all the importance you put into a material object that at the end of the day, you won’t die if you don’t own one.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an essential tool in our world and in many industries in our society today. That’s what makes it almost indispensable. Indispensable in my domain.

Reduced to pen and paper which I have to say, I still use religiously. I’ve always loved to write. The smell of a new blank notebook being opened and the smoothness of a gel pen, not to fine and not to to thick. Ahhh! So welcoming. Bureau en Gros is my Toys ‘R Us. So I carry a little binder with calendar and a copy of important numbers because hey, you never know when  Sky-net will take over.

Finally getting my line reconnected, as if the universe is playing a funny joke 0n me, my phone brakes.  Yeah broken.  So now I have wasted money on a line that I cannot use. Thanks to my girl, she hooked me up with a loner. Now I know beggars can’t be choosers but THIS is just not funny.


At least I can get phone calls and be harassed by bill collectors again. Back to normal. Still, it has been an eye opener and it has made me appreciate the down time you should give yourself from these electronic toys.

Who am I kidding?! I can’t wait to get my Galaxy Note back and be Tweeting and Instagramming again! Follow me @Mobtreal

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President and Co-Founder of The Mob's Press, Jo loves to laugh, click her mouse and is addicted to social media. Through blogging she has found a passion for all things online and was able to turn that into her 1st business called JJ's Press. From that success launched The Mob's Press. You always know when she's at a comedy show because you'll hear her laughing out loud.

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