Marijuana Culture – Not All Waterpipes and Rigs Are Created Equal

At the intersection of tek & art you will find Red Eye Tek – purveyor of fine glass bongs, rigs and accessories. This Canadian company sells some of the best glass waterpipes on the market.

With an irreverent and fresh attitude, Red Eye Tek’s official website located at starts off with an age-gate that feels like an old Atari game, then leads you into a wildly colorful array of beautifully shaped tools to improve your cannabis consumption experience.

Red Eye Tek specializes in Portable, Hex Tube, Straight Tube and Beaker glass pipe collections each available in an assortment of sizes, plus all the must-have accessories – and they’re beautiful!

Not to mention they’re based in Vancouver, arguably the cannabis capital of Canada – I mean who doesn’t love BC Bud right? With everything made of 100% borosilicate glass, it’s no wonder how these guys have perfected both form and function with their line-up of specialized waterpipes.

Here’s a roundup of our top five favorite Red Eye Tek bongs and rigs!

Top 5 Favorites from Red Eye Tek


What they say…

“Part of the original collection and designed for connoisseurs of concentrates and interesting shapes.”

“This compact model is ideal for tiny home owners (not tiny people who own homes, but tiny structures with limited shelf space… ugh, nevermind.)”

Available in 4 iridescent colors and includes a quartz banger


“Pentagon who? Say hello to this six-sided, symmetrical wonder.”

“We spent hours in the lab coming up with this ground-breaking invention: a taller version of the already miraculous Terminator Finish Hex Base Beaker Tube! There’s still time for a Nobel Prize!”

(We won’t hold our breath… ok, maybe just for a little bit.)

Available in 4 iridescent colours and includes a matching downstem and signature diamond pull-out with built-in screen


“Just want the goods straight up? We can dig that. That’s why we made this. Have you ever seen a really tall person with microscopic feet? “

“The answer is no, Mother Nature didn’t let that happen more than once because it was just a big, wobbly mess.”

“That got really dark, but there’s a light at the end of your lighter because this tall guy has a sturdy base that’s sure to stand the test of natural selection.”

“Oh, and it has a cool swirly pattern and a honeycomb perc for more filtration. Neat!”

Available in 4 iridescent colours and includes a matching signature diamond pull-out with a built-in screen


“There’s a reason why surfer dudes describe things that are generally awesome as ‘tubular’”

“Case in point: this tall tube with a super unique detail featuring 10 solid square marias that make it look like it’s literally RADIATING awesomeness, but in a good way, not like the nuclear, skin melting way. “

Available in 4 iridescent colours and includes a matching downstem and signature diamond pull-out with built-in screen


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“This meticulously designed contraption should be the 9th wonder of the world with its beautiful curves reminiscent of your cardiovascular system and really, it’s just as sophisticated because it features a matrix perc for optimal filtration on it.”

This is also available in 4 iridescent colours and includes a quartz banger.

Red Eye Tek offers both retail and wholesale purchase options via their official website. We love the product and the fun, fresh attitude of this Canadian brand.

Are you looking for a new glass accessory to improve the enjoyment of smoking cannabis or extracts? Or perhaps you are a shop owner looking for top selling glass bongs and rigs?

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