Mtl is LIT !

For yall who didn’t know Mural has taken over the  Saint-Laurent Boulevard! If you don’t know what to do during the next 10 days well mural festival is the place to be. Get your best outfit on and be ready to rock the streets.  If you like art, music, fashion or just good vibes I can guarantee that you will fit in.

Yesterday, was the opening night of the 6th edition of the festival and it was definitely the best it could have been. The night started with @simplynavid , who to my great discovery is as lit as he can be.  The crowd was feeling the vibe, thanks to the DJs got to give a  shoutout to @Da-P and  @tall. The evening went on with @nayaali another discovery that reminded me of  Princess Nokia’s vibe. Go check her out, if you missed her set or just want to see her again, she will be at the  Jazz Festival on the 30th  of June. Following her was the @ VicMensa ,  who took the time to share the current state of Chicago’s situation with the popo and well who got me at #fuckthapolice. Later on was time for KingPush to lit the crowd with some of his old and new beats saying that he sees the people who have been following him since the old days as a family, rather than fans while the crowd was showing love by screaming #fuckDRAKE.  The show ended with Playboicarti, you could tell that people have been waiting for that part of the show and well shit just fired up.

Hope you got the chance to attend, if not go check our videos of the event. See yall xx

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