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I very excited an happy to share this with you guys! Mobtreal has an official spokesperson. Meet Katelynd Kuhar, my co-host on RE: Radio. She is the voice of Mobtreal Comedy Corner, a segment on CKUT’s Upstage show.

Every Thursday from 6-7 pm. hosts Eric D. Sukhu and Sarah Deshaies talk about the arts and theatre going on around Montreal. Kate takes Mobtreal on the air and talks about what’s happening on the weekend in the comedy scene. She has been rooting for me since the beginning and has become a really great friend in the process. The voice of Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner.


Photo Credit: Anil Ramcharand

CKUT is a local radio station that works on a volunteer basis. You can find a wide variety of shows that range from music, politics, comedy, theatre and more. Check out the list of shows right here or listen to past Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner guests right here!

But wait! The Mobtreal Comedy Corner lives on RE: Radio as well. Re:Radio is a comedy/hip hop podcast that Kate, Reese Turner and myself do every 2 weeks in the bong room of our sponsor, Utopia. Below is our latest episode in our new shorter format. So click to listen while you surf the web!

The Mobtreal Comedy Corner happens every Thursday so if you have an upcoming show, something to promote or have some hot comedy news, then drop us a line.

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We hope to have you on soon!


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    […] The Rialto . Before rushing over to catch cocktail hour prior to the show, I was on air hosting  Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner on CKUT (90.3fm). I had Dan Derkson as my guest this week on Upstage, who was actually the first […]

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