Only Six Seconds To Make You Laugh

Comedy for limited attention spans…

Imagine you only had six seconds to tell a joke, to make somebody laugh. Could you do it?

That’s the challenge and limitation imposed on funny people today as they set their creativity loose on the internet. You can go viral, you can develop a massive following – you just need to make one amazing video that makes us laugh – and you’ve got six seconds to do it.

It seems that audiences today can’t get enough short, funny videos as the views for some of the most popular videos rank in the millions.

Stardom and laughter are only six seconds away, so let’s take a look at a few funny people making us laugh today!

Eh Bee

Let’s take a look at the Eh Bee family (The First Family of Vine). This hilarious foursome (mom, dad, son and daughter) posts short videos regularly. A never-ending fountain of creativity, they’ve taken the internet by storm and continue to dazzle us with their short – and hilarious videos! (I have to admit – I just love that they get into it as a family!)

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Let’s head a little closer to home and switch over to Instagram. Just in case you haven’t had enough Justin Bieber in your life (I mean, what do you feed that thing?), Nir G, a Montreal actor and occasional comedian, presents a hilarious serious of videos that will completely change the way you feel about his latest song. #WhatDoUMean ?

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The world is changing, indeed it has changed and will continue to change, faster and in more directions than ever before. As it does, the world of comedy ventures into an uncharted world of new platforms and stages, where unknown opportunities and barriers present themselves to those willing to take the risk to venture there.

And I mean – what could you do with six seconds?

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Donald Rees is a Montreal based performer and co-founder of Brave New Productions and Brave New Comedy.

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