Piknic Électronik Festival Is The Ultimate Summer Party!

Every Summer, Montreal waits in high anticipation for one of their most favored annual electronic festivals… Piknic Électronik!
Founded in April of 2003, the idea was first conceptualized by four gentleman, all with one passion in common: electronic music. Michel Quintal, Nicolas Cournoyer, Louis David, and Pascal Lefebvre worked together to construct a plan to create a safe and friendly environment for people to come together for their mutual love of the EDM scene. They chose one of Montreal’s most beloved parks “Parc Jean-Drapeau’s” and  Thus, Piknic Electronik Sunday tradition was born. Fast forward to 2013, and Piknic Electronik has gained substantial recognition not just limited to Montreal, but across the map as well. Parc Jean Drapeau has become the ritualistic spot where the festival has been held at since the very beginning.

So, what does it entail? If the name wasn’t a big enough give away, allow me to explain. This summer event caters to lovers of electronic music, and is competent in pleasing both newcomers and long-time electronic enthusiasts alike. It functions as an outlet for some of the most artistically acclaimed musicians in the world, as well as underground  lesser-known acts. Musical genres ranging from progressive house, tech house, and electro house, (among many other sub-genres) can be found here.

(and for those wondering, yes, there is a dancefloor)

Some previous artists that Piknic Electronik has showcased in the past include: Radio Slave, Vosper, Aurelie Schleger, Misstress Barbara, Andres Velilla, and Jimmy Be, to name a few.

In my humble opinion, one of the best parts about Piknic Électronik (besides the awesome music and serene vibe) is that it provides a friendly environment that is not only appropriate for teens/twenty-somethings, but the entire family as well. Yes, people of all ages are encouraged to check out (or perhaps return) to Piknic Électronik this upcoming May 2014. (Hey, it may only be December right now but it’s worth knocking a couple days off your schedule, right?)


From 2pm to 10pm, May 19th through September 22nd, Piknic Électronik holds an event every Sunday in the Jean-Drapeau park. Not only is it a convenient 5 minute drive from Montreal’s downtown core, but the park’s scenery certainly gives the festival earthly ambiance.
So drink, dine, vibe, groove, and shake what your momma gave ‘ya this May 19th 2014.
PEF first-timers should be aware that Piknic is a LGBT-friendly environment and does not discriminate against anyone. The status quo here is respect for others and tolerance, as well as a safe and comfortable environment for everyone present. The event is animal friendly. Beer, wine, juice, energy drinks, crêpes and hot dogs are also sold on location.

Price: $ 10-30

For more information about Piknic Électronik Festival, you can visit their official website here.

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