Quickie Review: IMO

Thursday, I headed out and caught four Fringe Shows. Yes 4 shows one after the other. Trying to play catch up. I started with a familiar face. Jess Salomon has been performing around Montreal for years and when I started my comedy blog 4 years,  she is one of the comedians I connected with and has always shown me support. Having seen her many times, I was positive I was going to see a good show.

Opening for her was Eman, another one of Montreal’s, and my, favorites.  It was a beautiful sunny day and yet, people came to show their support. Sometimes the smallest crowds is the best crowd.

In this show, Jess talks about her opinions and views on the issues that touch us all. From the BC pipeline to the Charter of Rights, from penguin marriages to the boogie man, no subject was safe from her point of views. To spice it up, she added a segment called hashtag Canadian Porn Titles.  There were some real jems in there like Rick Moranis. Just think about it…

Luckily for you Montreal, you can catch Jess Salomon doing stand-up comedy all year round. She is the host of the Peopl’s Comedy Show,. It happens every last Wednesday of the month. Check out her website for all her upcoming shows locally and out of town.

There’s two more nights of Fringing left to do folks! Get it all in while you can!

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