Sip, Savour, Socialize: A Trip to Vegas’ Best Coffee

To forget about the fact that it wasn’t quite yet Friday, my friend and I decided to go study at our favorite coffee shop in Vegas. No, it was not on the Strip but rather hidden in the unquiet suburb Summerlin. It’s a shame that most tourists overlook this part of town because it has some great hidden treasures that are only 20 minutes from the chaotic Strip. Anyway, my friend and I chose the classic and European feel of Sambalatte to plunge in our studies while sipping liquid art.

During the day, this charming expresso bar is a great location to sit and converse with a friend or get lost in the well-orchestrated words of Fitzgerald. However, when the sun starts to fade into the beautiful red rocks, this coffee lounge presents local artists hoping to share their passion with the casual admirers about. I have yet to experience the musical scene of Sambalatte, although I came close- as I was leaving, John Colombo was beginning with a cover of “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.”

Now, if you’re curious about this place and wondering what to get… Here are my recommendations:

Drinks:Macha Green Tea Latte @ SambalatteNutella Latte @ Sambalatte

  • Nutella Latte
  •  Macha Green Tea Latte (ask for added sugar if you like it sweeter) 


Food:Turkey & Swiss @ SambalatteCaprese Baguette @ Sambalatte

  • Caprese Baguette
  • Turkey & Swiss on Cranberry Whole-Wheat Baguette


Dessert:Chocolate Caramel Pyramid @ SambalatteCaramel Macaroons @ Sambalatte

  • Macaroons
  • Chocolate Caramel Pyramid (very light and airy, dark chocolate)




750 S Rampart Blvd #9 

Las Vegas, NV 89145

Photo Credit: Leila Kopcic




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Lauréanne was two months old when she took her first plane ride to Hong Kong. Born in Montreal, she now finds herself among the barrage of neon lights that is Las Vegas, where she attends an arts high school downtown. You can often find her at Starbucks staring sadly at her misspelled name on her grande light green tea frap (no whip, no sweetener). She goes through a pack a day – of Band-Aids, that is – repairing her destroyed dancer feet after a long day of popping, locking, and dropping. Topic Contributor: Travel, Nightlife and Entertainment, Comedy

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