SOLOS Festival: Kirsten Rasmussen’s “UnLOVEable” is a hysterical delight!

Kirsten Rasmussen photo courtesy of

Kirsten Rasmussen photo courtesy of

Kirsten Rasmussen’s new solo show “UnLOVEable” is a hilarious and unpredictable journey of discovery and realization about love. The show was comprised of monologues, an improv game, and reenactments of fake Netflix programs—a drama vampire series called “What’s the Deal with Vampires?” and a sex ed. series entitled “It’s Good to Get Off.” At the beginning of the show Rasmussen welcomed the audience enthusiastically and got the audience participation started with some practice sound effects, gave notice of future need for volunteers and requested questions about the body, sex and relationships be written on cue cards to be referenced and answered during the performance. I was wondering how it would all fit together, and Rasmussen pulled it off seamlessly, give or take a few overly enthusiastic “drunk cowboys” in the audience and a couple moments of lost trains of thought which are really only proof of having fun.

The show had heart, laughs, lessons, laughs, everything needed for a fun night out. It had a nice mix of interactive bits and spontaneity which will surely make every performance of this show a unique blast. Rasmussen’s playwriting, improv, and stand up skills were on full display and a pleasure to witness.  From the voice impersonations to the witty impromptu responses to audience questions Rasmussen had the room engaged and laughing.

Rasmussen’s “UnLOVEable” was the first performance of the SOLOS Festival a production brought to you by Plein Espace and Bloody Underrated in collaboration with MainLine Theatre. The festival is bilingual with the lineup consisting of an English show and a French show each night. For more information on the upcoming nights look herehere, or even here at Mobtreal for synopses of each show. If Kirsten Rasmussen’s show is any indication, the remaining shows from today November 7th through to Saturday November 9th, should be a wonderful night out treat.


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