T.J. Miller at Talk of the Fest

Hi Montreal! Mob Boss Jo is back and I’m here to laugh! Wednesday night I began my Just For Laughs Festival with Talk of the Fest with T.J. Miller.  It was a sold out Club Soda, the atmosphere was hype and and it felt really good to be back.

The show had a great line-up of comics, something for everyone.

Andy Kindler
Eddie Pepitone
Faisal Butt
Dawn Whitwell
Tim Gilbert
Ahmed Ahmed
Tom Segura
Mike Wilmot

Did I mention it was a TV taping? Yes, some bits had to be repeated but it just added more to the show. T.J.  always came back out with the same if not more energy keeping the audience entertained and giving the next performer their warm entrance. Seriously, he is so fun to watch. I’m on EP5 of Silicon Valley and I’m hooked on that show. I can’t wait to see him during the panel.

Spotlight girl Julie… If I didn’t know better, you and T.J. had that bit planned out. It was amusing to watch the interactions between him and the spot light. T.J. and the DJ had some moments too. That’s right, DJ Killa Jewel was back with her sick beats, bringing flavah to the show. Love her!

A proud moment was when I heard Faisal Butt’s name and out he came. You see I’ve been following him for the past 5 years and watching comics grow and flourish in this industry is why I do what I do. It’s like I’m watching my children grow up to be professional comedians and momma is so proud!

Overall an amazing start to my festival and looking forward to more laughs.

Stay tuned for more JFL reviews from the mob!

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