You know how when you go to a fashion show and you see these stunning woman walking down the catwalk and you are just like “Damn this could be me! ” Well its kind of true it could be you or should I say now it could have been you.

Going to the casting showed me how being a model is way more then just being pretty or just being tall. I mean, I know how being a model is hard and that it means a lot of perseverance and determination. Not only were agency models were invited today, it was an open door for everyone to come and give it a shot to be a part of this fashion show that we are all waiting for.

Some of the girls were strutting the catwalk like crazy, and I wish I would have seen more plus size models because to me being a model is about giving life to the clothes and show the buyers the best fashionable way to rock the outfit. Now don’t get me wrong you could see all that with all types of models but diversity is unbeatable. Come on girls! Be more confident and next time let’s all give it a try, who knows you might be the next Tyra Banks.

You will be able to see  these beautiful models during the  Fashion&Design Festival in August 17th till the 22nd .

Go check thereprogram on

There is a lot not to be missed !

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