A Renaissance Woman Consignment Boutique – “An Awesome Place To Score Wicked Clothing Labels At Affordable Prices”

“Over the years consignment shopping has come out of the closet with everything from fashion accessories, to furniture, high end purses and
leather, gold, and jewelry– it’s one of the largest and fastest growing industries”
This post goes out to all the ladies who love high end labels, but dislike the amount of money they have to pay to attain these amazing pieces. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all know that we possess at LEAST one piece of clothing that sits in the back of the closet forever, never gets worn, and yet we still hesitate to throw it away because we’re hoping that there will come a time when we need it. The truth of the matter is, we probably don’t need it… so wouldn’t it make more sense to give it to someone who would? What if you could take your unwanted items and get cold hard CASH? If this sounds like you, I have some really great news! A Renaissance Woman specializes in consigning clothing and you can actually make a profit from your gently used items when other people buy them in the store. In brief, (for those that don’t know what it is) consignment is essentially on consignment for payment by the consignee after sale. This is an incredibly eclectic boutique, with a massive selection of lightly used footwear as well as purses, coats and jackets, pants, vintage hats, formal wear, accessories, costume jewelry and even REAL gold, silver, precious gemstones and semi-precious. A Renaissance Woman is licensed with Niagara Regional Police Service to buy and sell Gold, Silver, Diamonds, and precious metals. There are so many beautiful and unique pieces to choose from. I’ve visited the store myself personally, and I have always left with at least two items in hand. I’d like to think that there is a little “something” for everybody at this boutique and I highly recommend  you take the time to check it out next time you’re passing through Ridgeway.

For more information about consignment you can visit the official website here.

A Renaissance Woman is located at 301 Ridge Road North in the historic village of Ridgeway, Ontario a small but vibrant village filled with tons of quaint storefronts and shops. An ideal place to visit in the spring and summer.

To keep up with new shipments of clothing and great deals, you can ‘Like’ the official Facebook page.


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