SOLOS festival at the Mainline Theater! A great way to kick off the fall season


I have some exciting news for all you wonderful theater lovers out there! SOLOS festival takes place at the Mainline Theater  ( 3997 Saint-Laurent Boul.) on November 6th – 9th, and will show-case  various works from;  Alain Mercieca, Alexa -Jeanne Dubé, Alexandra Dubois, Andrea Stanford, Jeff Gandell, Kristen Ramussen, Marie-Eve Perron, and Stéfan Cédilot.This festival is a wonderful way to kick off the fall season, and get out for some quality entertainment with friends, family, and loved ones as it showcases solo talents in both English and French. A wonderful way to unite francophone’s and anglophone’s together under one roof, all for the same purpose: to be entertained and relish in mutual joy.

If you’re looking for something fun to check out, look no further!

Below is a sneak-peek of the complete programming, with a brief description of what each show demonstrates:

“Adopted at death, by Alain Mercieca, Artistic Director of Theatre Ste Catherine : No, this isn’t a Death Metal Album.  It’s a comedy show about the loveable nature of death.  Alain Mercieca battles social convention to bring death into the place it should be: one of optimism, unity and awesomeness.

Apocalypse me, par Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, vue à Zone Homa et au Théâtre La Chapelle : En dix temps, tel un compte à rebours vers l’implosion, une jeune femme reproduit un moment douloureux qui se déploie, se précise, s’effile jusqu’à faire mal. Comme une façon de donner de la contenance à son identité, à sa vie, à son flou, elle se définit par la douleur et l’humiliation.

Grapevine, par Alexandre Dubois, son premier spectacle solo : Comment nous identifions nous à nos parents ? Pourquoi est-ce qu’une génération contrebalance la précédente ? Grapevine se penche sur cette question en abordant un problème qui trop souvent afflige plusieurs générations. Celui de la dépendance.

Verbal Diary-Ah : Confessions of an awkward teenager, by Andrea Stanford, back with an updated version of her 2011 St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival hit : Ever wish you could revisit your teenage years? The Oscar-worthy DRAMA? The constant EMBARRASSMENT and nagging SELF-DOUBT? Probably not, right? Verbal Diary-ah explores the idea of then and now, especially when it comes to a teenager’s utopian vision of where she sees her life heading versus where it actually ends up.

Danger Unit, by Jeff Gandell, renown Montreal storyteller : In the mid-1980s, terrifying headlines dominate the news, from AIDS, to Satanic Daycare Sex Abusers, to Poisoned Painkillers. The situation seems hopeless, until one ten-year-old boy, armed with a vigilante group of friends and a firm belief in Hashem, fights back against a doomed and paralyzing future.

UnLOVEable, by Kirsten Rasmussen, kick-ass former Montrealer and FRINGE superstar : A girl tries to find love. She fails. It’s hilarious.

Marion fait maison, par Marie-Ève Perron, dont on a pu voir Gars au Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui : Marion, une jeune femme maladroite mais ô combien dévouée, voit sa première réception familiale de Noël chamboulée par l’arrivée surprise de l’équipe de l’émission‐télé-­réalité  : De quoi t’as l’air ?!?. Inscrite à son insu par  ses  proches,  Marion  se  voit  déclarée, en direct, grande gagnante de LA métamorphose de l’année.

Zeppelin c’t’un cover band, par Stéfan Cédilot, à l’occasion du septième anniversaire de la production : À mi-chemin entre la conférence et la performance théâtrale, ZEPPELIN C’T’UN COVER BAND retrace l’histoire du blues via l’oeuvre du groupe rock Led Zeppelin. Stéfan Cédilot raconte comment le groupe a construit sa carrière à partir d’un véritable pillage des standards du blues, pendant que Ben Kalman fait jouer les enregistrements originaux qui datent parfois d’aussi loin que les années 1920.”

Interested in checking it out? Tickets are available for 15$ a piece, but if you wish to see both shows being presented on any given night during the festival, you can double up on a two for one deal and get combo tickets for 25$. Beverages and food will also be available in between shows, so come hungry!

A limited amount of passes for the entirety of the festival are also available for 75$ – (that’s 25$ in savings)! If you want to buy your tickets now, you can do so at

In essence, SOLOS festival is geared towards celebrating solo-show creation and is funded through the appreciation of the general public and it’s supportive peers who share the same artistic visions, and channels the art of solo performances.  For each night, there will be 1 show in English and the other in French, which all consist of solo acts from various talents. This is a nice way to incorporate entertainment that will appeal to both francophone’s and anglophone’s alike.

I encourage you to check it out, it sounds like a lot of fun to be had and I’m certainly looking forward to checking it out myself and sharing my perspectives with you via blogging and reviewing. Hope to see you there! 🙂

More information on the festival can be found here:

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