Let’s talk about sex with Martin Perizzolo!

After eighteen performances last Zoofest where the crowning of the 2013 Grand Prix Artist

MARTIN Perizzolo present his famous show “Q” at
Théâtre Sainte-Catherine, one night only, on October 23, 2013
And please keep in mind that the show is in french!

Revealed to the public with his role on the show Poudy cult The big show – he is one of the creators with Mike Ward and Alain Lavoie – Martin Perizzolo a comically rolled his hump since joining the National School of humor, there is of it twenty years he was then only eighteen! Actor, writer, director and writer for both television, film the scene, in July 2013 he had first noticed one man show. Title Q from the french term “cul” which means “ass” is also an expression used when we want to talk about sex.

The show held the displays no less than eighteen Zoofest at night and earned the comedian the Grand Prix 2013 Artist of the festival.
From 20 pm on October 23 at Theatre Ste-Catherine (264 Ste-Catherine East), Martin Perizzolo present for the first time since his famous Zoofest show Q. Alone with his microphone Perizzolo stripped it maintains the audience and sexual relations from every angle. Without embarrassment, but with relevance and intelligence. Being one of the few stand-ups in Quebec to have hesitated to approach the topic of sex, it was waiting for the right time and the right audience. Overcoming his last scruples, he co texts Q with Sebastien Ravary and wait was worth it!

Ass. Theme overused, but still relevant, ass that leads the world. Whether big or small, free or at cost. It exalts it releases, it lets off steam. It defines, it gives life, it destroys us, it is divided, it is isolated, it is soft, hard, soft. Okay, it comes, it screams, it distinguishes and unites us. No sexologist, comedian!

This is not a conference …
A personal approach, a standard format, 60 minutes. 18 and over.

“Q” Tickets are on sale at $ 20 taxes included in theatresaintecatherine.com, or at the door the evening … even if it is! Comedian Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas will be opening the show.

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