Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame UNCUT

Yes he’s back Montreal and this time he’s showing it all! “Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame” is coming back in March for another run. New costumes, new cast, new set… You get the drift. It’s Alex Cross 2.0! Come and embark on this wild adventure that has been tweaked and is now uncut for you to see.  A rock and roll comedy satire? i’m so down! Medulla Oblongata Productions is the company  behind this project. They consists of a very dedicated creative team and cast who all have strong backgrounds in theatre and film entertainment. The creative team consist of playwright, producer, director Franco De Crescentis; producer, production manager Mayumi Yoshida and sound design & composer Laurent Laigneaux. Together they have made a show worth watching.

Mobtreal reviewed their show last year at the FRINGE Festival and I’m going back to check out the uncut version of the show. It’s the story about Dick Richards, a loser who dreams of becoming famous but has no skills, no charisma and no luck. Until he meets CEO of a huge music company and offers him all he ever wanted in life. Fortune, fame and power. It will only cost him his soul. You know, the regular devil rate. I’m am very excited to see this play as my love for theatre has been recently been reignited with the amazing show “I Saw the Devil”.  But this time, we got a contest for you.

Need some more convincing? Watch this.

The fun kicks off next week at Mainline Theatre.  Plus they have 3 different endings giving you the opportunity to see it 3 times!

Tuesday 4 March 2014 / 19:00 (ending 1)
Wednesday 5 March 2014 / 19:00 (ending 2) in French
Thursday 6 March 2014 / 19:00 (ending 3)
Friday 7 March 2014 / 19:00 (ending 1)
Saturday 8 March 2014 / 15:00 (ending 2)
Saturday 8 March 2014 / 19:00 (ending 3) in French

But before you go, here’s your chance to WIN a pair of tickets to see Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame. Here’s how! All you gotta do is answer this question:

What famous guitarist purchased and lived in the house of satanist, Aleister Crowley?

Please leave your answer in the comment below.  For an extra chance to win, please like Alex Cross & Mobtreal on Facebook. Winners will be announced Monday, March 3rd at noon.

For more information about the show, visit the Mainline Theatre site. Tickets are 16$ and if you’re a latecomer, don’t be more than 5 minutes or you’ll miss the fun!

See you there!




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