Alexandra Montagnese Is Going Public

“Hello. I’d like to make a report.” Kids really do say the darndest things. Accusations of abuse are a touchy subject. In “Public Mischief”, Alexandra Montagnese does an excellent job of showing the aftermath of what happens when a seemingly troubled student makes an accusation against a popular teacher that involves a bright, popular student. Is she telling the truth? Or is their a sinister motivation?


Words have power and they can have a devastating effect. Regardless of the intent, the popular student in the middle of the hurricane is suddenly thrust from the idyllic coming-of-age real life story into the adult world of sexual politics and power plays.


While academic to most of us, Alexandra lived through this and is now bringing her story, her truth to us. How does one prove they’re right, that they’re not lying. “My words were my power”, Alexandra told me and this show that brings real life events to theatre is a way of achieving closure for the artist. With music, voice intonations, teen speak she transports the audience to the 2000’s and the audience witnesses as two students’ public lives are taken to a new level of public in “Public Mischief”.


There are two more shows left: June 16 @ 15:30 and June 17 @ 19:45.



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