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As you know people it’s FRINGE season . It’s time to make good decisions about where you want to be. I made a good one yesterday going to one of their events which was the Fringe Galerie. imageYou may ask yourself: Who is behind this event ? Well it’s two wonderful girls : Linnea Gwlazda , Sophie Wright and a great team of volunteers.

Now let’s talk about my second experience going to an art gallery . It wasn’t the type of event where the only thing that matters is money . It was a truly artistic event and let me tell you, I really enjoyed myself . Some of the artists were there , which made it possible for them to explain and guide you into their beautiful art and get a better understanding  of it.

imageThe event took place on 3680, Jeanne Mance at MAI, which stands for Montreal Art Interculturels. It was a beautiful venue, perfectly chosen for the event. Upon arriving they gave juice to patrons (which was delicious by the way) in a Fringe cup. You could drink it peacefully while walking from one art piece to another .

There were paintings, drawings, photographs; anything to please your art palette. Some of the pieces transported you to a dark place, while others were funny and full of colour.

As the organizing team spoke to welcome the invitees, it was revealed that their decision concerning the artists wasn’t made out of any specific artistic direction but based on the enthusiasm of the artist. I think that is a great way to make a wonderful exhibition, and you could see the effort they put into their work. Plus, it’s a great way for new artists to show their work and get proper exposure.


Sophie Lafleur Art Informations – Capillera – 17” x 27” – Acrylic Paint / Artificial hair – 200$



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