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Yesterday, I got a phone call from one of the best improv guys in the business, Colin Mochrie. Yes he will grace us with his presence this July 26th-28th at Théâtre Gésù. He and friend Brad Sherwood will be taking audience suggestions and giving you a live taste of what real and funny improv can be. We’ve all been there when it’s not funny and it’s…yeah. But when it’s on, man does it kill! And that’s what these two are here to do in Montreal.

So as I was doing some research fro my questions, I came along a few things I didn’t know Colin had accomplished. Did you know he wrote a book? Did you know that he likes to cook? Did you also know that he is really funny? If you don’t know about Who’s Line is it Anyway” then I highly suggests checking out the clip below. Yes for those of you who do know it, it’s back by popular demand on the CW starting tonight, July 16th at 8pm. Starring your faves Wayne Brady, Ryan Styles and the man himself.

So my phone is deteriorating piece by piece ( I dropped it waaaaaaaaaaay too many times) my recording didn’t go through so here’s what my mind remembers.

Just answering the phone and hearing his voice was awesome. I know I might sound like a total groupie but I’m not, Just a huge fan who finally get to meet the people who have made her laugh her whole life.

Ryan Styles and Colin Mochrie are probably my favorite improv duo. when I asked why or how did he and Brad come to do this together. It just happened to be that at the time Ryan wasn’t flying ( I wanted to ask but I felt the reason was personal) so he and Brad hooked up and they’ve been touring with the show for over 10 years.

He wrote a book because his agent told him he should write a book. He does improv because he doesn’t like to write. So you can imagine his face when his agent proposed this to him. He has the utmost respect for comedians as do I. “It a tough job,… with an improv the crowd, they want you to do well. With stand-up, they expect you to…” I couldn’t agree more. The book is 12 short stories and based on the improv game: First line, Last line. Meaning that every story starts and ends with a novel that has already been written. and everything in between is made up. He hated the process. “Some flowed but in general it was hard, I don’t like to write, that’s why I like improv.” You can find his book  Not Quite The Classics on Amazon.

I asked him about Who’s Line is It Anyway? coming back to TV. Was it the teams idea or the network. “I would love to have a career that I get to decide when I do TV….”  Apparently it has been a project in the process for many years now and finally the door has opened again “It’s like we never left, we’re just a little older and slower”. If you watch the clip below, you know there just as funny if not funnier. Maybe Just For Laughs will have it live next year with all of you guys! (Just throwing the thought out there JFL) “That would be great!” I think so too Colin.

I asked him about the worst suggestions he gotten on stage. For some reason the proctologist keeps coming out…but that’s the fun and the challenge. Taking something absurd and making it funny is the whole point.” It really is. When I watch improv and I hear the most ridiculous theme or thought, I always ask myself: “How are you going to make this funny?” As Colin says: “When it works it’s funny and when it doesn’t, it’s different.

His passion is cooking. I asked him what his favorite dish was. “My wife is allergic to seafood and doesn’t eat red meat, so a lot of chicken and pasta. Mon son is Pescetarian and his wife is vegan so that was an interesting meal to make. But that’s why I like improv, to get out of my every normal.” All I have to say is talented.

I leave you with a clip with the genius at work. You can catch Colin and Brad at Théâtre Gésù, July 26th-28th at 7pm. Click here for tickets! Here’s an extra: You can also catch them at the Joan Rivers Gala, July 27th at 5pm. Get those tickets right here!

See you soon Colin! Look for the Afro and the flower. Can’t miss me!


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