Chocolate Moose Theatre Company presents Play by Kids

The Chocolate Moose Theatre Company returns for its second Montreal Fringe Festival. This year they are bringing the imaginative stories and plays of children to life and stage – as interpreted and performed by big humans. Out of the six performances, three will be family friendly and three will be for adults only–but still all written by kids.

Five of the most playful big humans in the city bring the words small humans put to paper to life. Martin Law and Fiona Ross, partners of Chocolate Moose Theatre Company, are joined by Niko Ouellette, Tina Trineer, and Pascale Yensen.

“How often in one actor’s career does she have the opportunity to explore such dramatis personae as Nice Happyface, Moxie Blue the Unicorn, and Karl the Communist Elf?” -Tina Trineer


Photo by Pascal Yensen

About Chocolate Moose Company

Chocolate Moose Theatre Company always aims to create accessible, affordable,quality theatre. It all started when four McGill alumni Andrew Cameron, Emily Murphy, Michael Tonus, and Martin Law came together post-graduation to put on Edward Albee’s Acompany continued to revive and adapt such works as An Illiad, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Zoo Story at Theatre Sainte-Catherine. The as well as mounting original works by co-founder Martin Law, Felix and most recently, Conspiracy!

“And after that, Haguak of Bizmoz was nice. No burning people, etc.” – Suzanne Doucette, A Hole in the Wall, Age 11

Original music by: Carolyn Barr and Michael Baskin
Stage management/graphic design: Katey Wattam
Production nanny: Claire Bourdin

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