Season 2 of Battle Jar is almost here!

Incarcerated Penguins made their presence known at Ottawa ComicCon this past May 14 where they held a Q&A and screening of the first season of Battle Jar: a comedic web series, created by and starring Montreal filmmakers Kenny Wong, Jean Bernard, Alex Gravenstein.

Battle Jar is the story of four friends that use a mysterious Byzantine artifact to resolve impossible arguments. The ‘battle jar’ contains pieces of paper that outline duels ­ and possible penalties ­ that ultimately determine the victor of any stale­mate disagreement. The battles are chosen at random and the fate of the debaters, as well as reality itself, is forever altered. Can’t decide if the dress is blue or gold? All you need is Battle Jar.

Check out the Q&A from ComicCon Ottawa!

Battle Jar is nearing the end of production for Season 2; the premiere episode of the newest season is set to debut in July 2016. In anticipation of this premiere event, we will be screening a teaser trailer during our exclusive panel at Ottawa ComicCon. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from audiences and critics in response to our first season, and we are very excited to reveal what Battle Jar has in store this time around!

We have expanded our platform to feature 22 minute episodes and as promised, Season 2 will bring a sharper edge to audiences: more epic battles, a fuller story arc, a peek in to the back­stories of our four protagonists, and more critical arguments. Perhaps this latest season will even reveal more information about the origin of the Battle Jar itself. The sophomore edition will be bigger, louder, and shinier.

Critics say, “[Battle Jar is] a series that moves forward with such relentless pace and energy that it leaves the viewer’s eyes zooming across the screen to keep up” – Tubefilter

Check out the trailer for season 2 below!


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