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Just when I thought I had seen the best that Montreal has to offer I am continually being surprised at every waking moment and turn. The cultural aspect of Montreal is quite fascinating… I enjoy kicking back and just observing life as it passes by, watching how people interact with one another, and how they carry themselves. People really seem to be actively involved in their community and are seamlessly connected with one another.  The smiling faces are abundant, and the laughs plentiful as people thrive in the momentum. Coming from Ontario, I speak from experience when I say that the way people interact with each other in Toronto in comparison to Montreal is like night and day. It’s hard to explain, city life in Toronto just feels a lot more corporate and reserved as opposed to the beautiful city of Montreal, with it’s splendid sense of warmth and benevolence. One of the biggest differences between the two is how many more people have a smile on their face here.




I finally caught what all the buzz was about when I discovered Tam tams for the first time. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tam Tams, it’s basically a huge gathering of people (mostly hungover from the night before, or kicking a great buzz) and  playing tribal drums for everyone to enjoy. Tam Tam’s takes place on the Mont Royal every Sunday from roughly noon- sundown and is an amazing way to unwind before the hustle and bustle of the new work week sneaks up on you. It sent my mind into a frenzy as I made my way up the mountain, through a trail and was enveloped by the beating of heavy drums and chitter-chatter of people. I tried to absorb everything I was seeing and take it all in. Groups of people clustered together to enjoy the sounds and some even danced until their legs gave way. I also caught sight of a group engaging in the act of  LARPING which was super rad as well (they really get into their roles, no doubt about that!). For those that decided to stray further into the park on the mountain,  could still hear the rhythmic sound of drums in the distance. The music is very soothing and easy to vibe to, and added a sense of ambiance to the entire experience. I chatted with my girlfriends for hours, and even made a few new friends while I was there. The weather was a little bit off though for sure… sporadic rainfall one minute, and the hot sun beating down on my face the next.  but despite the uncertainty of it all, it definitely didn’t lessen my the amazing experience I was having, bearing witness to Montreal’s abundance of culture and grand stature.

I took note that Montreal-ers love to engage in sports and games with their friends. Clusters of people were strewn across the park, playing games like volleyball, bocce ball, frisbee, jump rope, soccer, and football with friends… it’s pleasant to see people so active and getting outside to exercise instead of staying indoors scratching their asses and watching TV all day. People in Montreal genuinely look happier as I have mentioned before.

OMG I almost forgot to mention in briefing my experience with seeing LARPING before my very eyes!

For those of you that don’t already know, “LARPING” stands for “Live Action Role Playing” where people of all ages can dress up and reenact their favorite video game characters, movie scenes, and manga characters. It’s some crazy shit man, you see people with shields and swords dueling each other!! Admittedly, it looks like a lot of fun and I wouldn’t mind joining in myself. *nerdy girl moment* lol. I highly advise anybody who is looking for something to do on a Sunday to hit up Tam Tam’s and have the experience of your life!


This is just a side note, but man, oh man, do Montrealers have an incredible sense of fashion, some look like they put themselves together in like two minutes but managed to look effortlessly slick, (and truuust me, that in itself is basically an art form that takes time to perfect lol). They say that our choice of clothing is kind of like a direct reflection of who we are and what our personality is like, if that’s the case than Montreal is certainly filled with some of the most captivating and dynamic people ever! I’m definitely taking my notes while I’m here, this city has mad swagger. Anyway this concludes my post, continue to check back and read about all my amazing experiences in Montreal!

– Boss Grace Shaw

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