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D-A-R-K Records otherwise known as “Digital Audio Recording Kompany” (and for those wondering, yes, the “K” is intentional) is a Montreal based digital recording company focused around the production and distribution of various artists throughout the world who specialize in the musical genre of Psychedelic Trance a.k.a “Psytrance” and it’s derivatives. For those who are unfamiliar with the genre my understanding of it is that Psytrance is essentially a sub genre of electronic music that is characterized by hypnotic arrangements of complex layered melodies. It is created by high tempo riffs and synthetic rhythms. Personally, this kind of music is appealing to me because of the suggestive tones that have the effect of drugs on the body (without the nasty hangover) similarily to binaural beats/tones which have a relaxing effect on the brain, and are known for inducing OBE’s (Outer Body Experiences)

Every day I’m discovering new genres that I’ve never heard of before and it’s really exciting. I had no idea that Psytrance was a genre for the longest time, but now that I know about it I’m obsessed!

DARK records was founded in 2006 by two gentleman who were friends at the time, living across the globe from one another. It is based in Montreal, Canada but also promotes artists worldwide. Fast forward roughly 8 years later and the digital label has made all sorts of progress, gaining substantial recognition and a strong following for like-minded individuals. Artists of the highest quality are hand selected in terms of their originality, appeal,
and aims to offer you versatility and quality in all of it’s musical endeavors.

The mission statement?

” We started D-A-R-K, with the most important aim being to stay versatile; to release music that is both original and different within the catalog. We do not like style confines and we do not like categorization of art, so we took it upon ourselves to have the most diversified artists we were able to find. What we also want to represent is personality and individuality in music. We feel that today, music that is original transpires with the artist’s personality, uniqueness and style. We focus on releasing dark psychedelic trance and dark twisted fullon, so as all original psychedelic music, from morning to night, dub, chillout and more.”

Fantastic. What a great concept!

DARK Records has signed and produced a magnitude of awesome artists such as “AudioPathik” “ChemicalSpoon” “Hysteria” “Dark Summer” and a plethora of other talented musicians worth checking out in your spare time. You can also purchase and sample their music on DARK records online store featuring best selling EPs Ipotocaticac’s “Hoha’s Voodoo Return” and “Xam’ama” 

Also noteworthy is DARK records sister label Node3 Records’ releases, D-A-R-K Records’ ambient sister label, were brought back to the main label’s management under Nod3 Series. Since 2010, D-A-R-K also releases ambient, chillout, dub, electro, so as morning, night, fullon, forest, progressive and dark progressive psytrance and high-tech, all psy flavored. Nod3 Series releases ambient, chillout dub and electro with a psychedelic twist. Basically It’s like the perfectly mixed drink when you’re on holidays, or when you wake up in the morning and your bra and underwear match when you leave the house for work. 😉

Overall, this label is super refreshing and although it has a strong following, I still want to spread the word and hopefully get more people familiar with it. I highly suggest you check it out… once you start, you’ll be listening for hours (which are hours well spent indeed)

So with that being said, CHECK IT OUT!!

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