Nights of Infinity Festival Presents: “Faeries Wear Boots”

Yet again we are stoked and blessed to have yet another wonderful four day winter electronic music festival in the wake. Yes folks that’s right… NIGHTS OF INFINITY is happening in Montreal this season and you have every reason to be excited. It has proclaimed itself as the “Montreal electronic music festival that never ends.” If you love electronic music, and all of the sub genres that make it into the fab genre we love today, then read on for information about their highly anticipated event “Faeries Wear Boots” This Friday January 17th join the madness and check out “Faeries Wear Boots” taking place at Espace Griffintown (108 Rue Du Square Gallery) there will be live music for everyone to enjoy and dance to. Dance barefoot in the sand for thirteen hours to non-stop “state-of-the-art” trance music and connect with the rhythm as you feel it vibrate throughout your body and soul, while connecting with other dynamic individuals. Or perhaps you like to take a more balls to the wall approach (which is awesome too), and admire the visionary art gallery and vegan fare offered by Coop de Consom ‘Action. Headlining as the visionary artist of that evening is Hakan Hisim, who’s art is deeply influenced by his wonderment and awe of nature, pertaining to the natural world and it’s contrast against the alien, trans personal nature of mystical experiences. He exemplifies themes that transcend space and time itself– enlightenment; and to best represent this, he has adopted the digital medium to create his art. Hakan Hism continues to create art in Istanball, Turkey. Musical headliner at the Faeries Wear Boots event is musician Rickard Berglof (what a cool name) A.K.A “Vibrasphere” and the King of Melodic Trance after a few years of being off the radar. He will be playing all the legendary Vibrasphere material plus lots of new unrecorded material. The Line-up for the show includes artists such as Psyrenity, Red Electric Earth, DJ Nikoli, FM Radio Gods (live), Kola Papass (live), Rickard Berglof, Uber (live), and more! It’s bound to be a great time.


If you’re interested in purchasing tickets you can purchase them online at Something that is also worth noting is that if you have already purchased a four event festival pass ticket price is $25. The “online early bird” price is $30 (only 100 avail.) otherwise, they are $35. The door price is $40 so I advise you to get online and purchase your tickets as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. Like On Facebook

This sounds like incredible fun!

– Grace

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