Bonjour Montreal!

From the time I left Toronto to embark on my first journey to Montreal, I made a mental note to avoid developing any preconceived ideas or expectations of the city (as to sidestep disappointments and what have you,) but I can honestly say that the moment when I finally set foot on Montreal soil, I was awed and quite pleasantly bewildered by what lay before me.

Suddenly shit got real, fast. In that moment came the realization that I really had not prepared for what the days to follow would entail during the Festival Mode et Design.

As I behold the great city of Montreal and all it has to offer… I am already sold! I think Montreal is wonderful, and there is a prevalent sense of community here, which I love!


Open backstage where all the magic happens!

The architecture throughout downtown illustrates a certain quaintness and historical feel, and the streets are lined with trendy bars, various shops, restaurants, and upscale fashion boutiques. One of the first venues I visited, “The Comedy Nest” comedy club, had a really chill vibe and I happened to catch their open mic night, where assorted upcoming/aspiring comedians come together and test out their new material to see how the audience reacts. It was a very successful night, as the sounds of people’s laughter enveloped the room and everyone left with a smile on their faces. The Comedy Nest also had some of the best mojitos I’ve ever tasted! I guess the mojitos are better in Montreal too… *lol*

I took a trip down to University and St. Catherines to get my media pass and checked out the  set-up for the Festival, and I will be returning there later tonight to see some events  (stay tuned for my next blog about my experiences at the Mode et Design Festival.) I also captured some great photographs of the various tents belonging to a handful of fashion designers that are showcasing and selling their brands, and there were some really beautiful pieces I saw while I was browsing different labels, something to definitely keep an eye out for.

grace1 Blogger Grace Shaw styled up for Fashion Mode et Design Festival

The Inbox Designs were also some great artistic pieces,   including works by Simon Johns, Mitz Takahashi, and Zoe Mowat.

The charming vibe that blankets Montreal without question adds to it’s warmth and inviting appeal, and thus far I have absolutely no complaints about this fabulous city! I am very excited to see what the rest of the week brings! More posts to come!

– Grace Shaw



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