Festival Mode et Design Montreal: July 31st

By five o’clock yesterday afternoon, more and more people were swarming McGill College, eager for some fashion, beauty tips and, of course…the free razors (I am not letting go of that one easily…don’t pretend like you don’t understand).

Fashionably late starters were on schedule late evening and throughout the night. Bodybag by Jude showcased their hipster swag with florals and snapbacks, velvets and deep prints. It was an interesting collection because they went from very trendy swag to simple, more adult contemporary friendly outfits (did I just turn a music genre to a fashion style?)

In between catwalks, I decided to take a stroll up and down the street to see all the different kiosques. What struck me the most was the white and black face-painted women, chilling near the open-backstage. Of course, it should have occurred to me that they were models but I think the sun baked my brain a bit. I was definitely in for a surprise later on that night…

A little past eight o’clock (keeping with the whole fashionably late resolution), the Highlights from Montreal Fashion Week earlier this year were being modelled by local celebrities, such as Joannie Rochette, Genevieve Borne, Herby Moreau and Isabelle Menard, to name a few. Although the clothing itself was quite stunning, ranging from chique dresses to fall/winter attire, I think the crowd was even more delighted to see their local celebs (I have a mini crush on Joannie Rochette, but who doesn’t?)

Finally, the night ended on a special note with “Fantômes”, by the legendary Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. And  the black and white painted faces made their appearance on stage (and I was no longer confused). Guarded by four tribal leaders, armed with their ornate staffs, a ghostly procession of models dressed in bright and colourful “smocks” ensued. For about 30 minutes, these models walked in either direction of the stage, demonstrating very contrasting themes of death and life, the material and immaterial. With the electronic music provided by Mr.No and VJ Florian and changing images on the screens towards the back of the stage, De Castelbajac’s piece captured and mesmerized the crowd through his artistic vision and creativity.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Festival de Mode et Design that runs until this Saturday, August 3rdFor more information, visit their website at http://www.festivalmodedesign.com/homepage/

Pictures coming soon!

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