It was pretty semetic

My two girls Eman and Jess Salomon doing the thing at Zoofest this year with their first show: Pretty Semetic.

Alone, these comics make the audience rumble with laughs but the two together should be illegal. Not only are they smart, beautiful, positive people, they are part of #teamethnicvagina (Go see FB thread)

So what’s all the semetism about? Well its actually a beautiful person thing to see a Jewish and a Muslim woman not only working together but also being great friends. It’s a really nice feeling. Especially if your a Muslim or a Jew. The history between the two cultures although different, Jesseman (Hollywood name) depict and show that laughter can break down barriers and stereotypes and in the long run, bring people together. And that’s what their show did.

Added to every show was a special table where they would hook up a Muslim and a Jewish person from the crowd and they would sit them together for the show. United and it feels good! This made for some good laughs. Especially when one of the candidates is married. Great lil addition to the show.

Jo and Tranna Wintour

Jo and Tranna Wintour

Tranna Wintour made a cameo and closed the show in glam and glitter. Love this chick.

If you missed Jesseman here you can still catch them at their other Zoofest show called Queens of Comedy. This looks like a fucking riot. The costumes, the ridiculousness, funny ladies combined with an explosive host like Mike Paterson, a show not to be missed.

Keep up the great work girls. You inspire me and remind me why I do what I do.

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