Jerrod Carmichael, the dangerous mouse.

Monday night I kicked off my JFL experience and saw  four shows. Starting with Jerrod Carmichael. Working at the Comedy Nest, I got to see a lot of comics. Most for just 6 minutes. Carmichael was one I saw 2 years in a row and told myself I needed to see his full set.

He comes off as this nice guy. Like he said, he would make a nice boyfriend. But then all of a sudden the words “Michael Jackson”, “his victims” and “proud” all end up in the same sentence and you realize just what type of comic he is.

Sitting last row, their were 3 ladies in front of me that kept distracting me. Not because they were talking but because they were appalled by some of his jokes. Yes, he talks about abortion, domestic abuse and the WNBA in ways you wouldn’t imagine but that’s comedy folks. Remember that these are jokes people. No matter how bad they seem, THEY ARE JUST JOKES! So fucking laugh god dammit. Ok maybe the 3 ladies weren’t expecting this to type of humor but you have to know that this isn’t real. Just loosen up and smile.

Like a soft spoken mouse, he sets up the pins ready to be taken down by a strike And then he drops something like “I don’t say abortion, I say killing babies”. For those with a dark comedy heart, he is definitely a comic you should catch. Even if you’re not a fan of pedophile jokes, his demeanor and delivery make it OK for the audience  to laugh. You may even be surprised at what makes you laugh.

You can catch him all week through to Saturday doing his #OFFJFL at Zoofest Show (am I the only one that finds this confusing? ) at Theatre Sainte Catherine.  Buy your tickets here today!

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