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We live in a beautiful city where we are fortunate to have the best events to attend. Now this year is a special year because we are celebrating the 375th anniversary of Montreal. We’re blessed with all the usual festivals but something special has been added to the menu. Our favorite part of town,  Le Quartier des Spectacles, KM3 has decided to set up shop and invite the public for a memorable experience until October 15th.

This is an opportunity to really see the city that we live in through the eyes of our talented local artists. KM3 offers guided cycling or walking tours at different times. If you want your kids to exercise their inner creativity or even if you feel like you need to express themselves through art, they also have workshops offered by CHROMATIC. Oh yes, remember that awesome art festival, that I hope you did not miss, back in May/June.

I personally had the chance to assist the official opening of the site on the August 30th. That’s the Banquet Exquis had a culinary game inspired by the Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse) game, where the public chooses words and the chefs have to create a meal on the spot. It was truly interesting to see what they were able to create with the weird combinations I heard.  I was able to capture some of the testimonies of people who had played the game at home and that shared it for the festival.

There is still a lot of things to do thanks to KM3, perhaps Humanorium a strange carnival that will take place at the Jardins Gamelins located right next to the Berri-Uqam metro station. Yes, it will be just like in the movies,  tents, rides and much more. Obviously, the art will still be on showcase but in a much more particular way. Get ready to be amazed by the talent that we have here in Quebec and if you are looking for a date plan well here is your plan. From the 5th to the 15th, go have fun at the carnival.

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At the end of the day, lets not forget Melissa Mongiat and Mouna Andraos for their idea to give the public the ability to really see what Montreal is all about – and to all the amazing artists that participated.

 Alexandre Castonguay; Caroline Monnet; Gilles Mihalcean; Philipe Allard; Louis-Xavier Gagnon-Lebrun (ATOMIC3); Yannick Desranleau; Andréanne Abbondanza-Bergeron; Michel de Broin; Hubert Lafore, Milan Gervais (HumanPlayground); Franck Desvernes, Marianne Prairie, Sylvain Dumais François Pallaud (EnsembleEnsemble); Caroline Robert et Vincent Morisset; Judith Portier; Jonathan Bélisle (EnsembleEnsemble); Karin Vouillamoz (UQAM); Gina Hara, Tony Higuchi, Eileen Holowka (Les Alts); Anouk Bergeron, Stéphane Pratte (UQAM); Lynn Hughes (Les Alts), Jonathan Villeneuve; Will Robinson(Les Alts);)Pavitra Wickramasinghe; Marie-Andrée Houde, Jean-Philippe Thibault,Jean-François Gauthier (Manatavo); James Paterson (Presstube); Mark Latimer (Headspace Studio); Nicolas S. Roy (Dpt.); Robin McNicholas (MLF); Patrick Bérubé. Centre de la photo : FélixDagenais (ATOMIC3).

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