MTL Fashion Week: Nisse, Annie 50, and Rush Couture

Thursday is almost like the new Friday. I mean, sure you can’t totally let go because you have work or class (which has never stopped us from going cray anyways), but it’s almost like the pre-drink/party before you really let loose on Friday. Yesterday, Montreal Fashion Week continued to show to show its glitz and glam at studio L’Arsenal, . Armed with a drink in hand and socializing with photographers, designers, models, you name it, the lively ambiance made the experience even more enjoyable than the last.

At little past 6:30, Nisse’s catwalk was up. All those sitting in the first two and parts of the third rows were pampered with a scarf from the boutique, a nice touch in my opinion (although I sure wish I could have moved down for this!). The catwalk, lined with miniature lightbulbs on either side, gave a warm tone to the runway. Overall, I enjoyed the presentation and organization of the show. It seemed like the show was divided into different parts, as the lights dimmed on several occasions, only to reveal groups of models strutting across the catwalk together, which is refreshing compared to the usual one-by-one catwalk, with growing momentum with Kanye West‘s “Skinhead“. Many colours, whether it be a rich emerald-like green, or even pastels, were present in her clothing, along with zips that lined the backs of shirt and the rims of collars. She wasn’t afraid to play with patterns, as the peacock print made its way into the collection in dresses and skirts.

The show that nearly left my mouth agape was Annie 50, which followed right after. It’s as simple as this: I love 50s everything. The fashion, the hair, the makeup, I love it all. Annie 50 nailed it. Typical 50s prints, such as polka dots and florals, on sweet-heart neck dresses, and shorts, brought you back to that era, along with the models up-dos and simple, yet classic makeup. The succession of old-time country music and the canyon drop-back completed the set. When the song “Jolene” came on, I was freaking out (part of my childhood!) If I were rich, I’d buy it all. I really would.

The last show I saw was Rush Couture, seated with a friend I randomly ran into (thank goodness, a familiar face). Two things really stood out for me: the top hats and the dancing at the end of the show. Firstly, a classier and more sophisticated version of the Vegas show girl top hat made its appearance right when I was fixated on the guy sitting on the other side of the catwalk with an oracle around his face (how could I not get distracted by that). A pattern of prints also made their appearance throughout the show, as the audience was treated to colourful and lacy florals in shirts and dresses. She took risks and produced some elegant and sexy  clothing, such as a transparent dress partially embellished with white-leaf shaped patches.  Secondly, the models came out together, posed, and left the  catwalk from the two exits leading to the lounge, only to comeback, dancing and jamming to the tropical-like music. It was a nice touch, reminding us that models aren’t these emotionless fashion robots that walk up and down a runway.

Well, that’s it for my coverage of MTL Fashion Week. Hope you enjoyed!

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