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Tuesday nights on CBC are for Rick Mercer. I know it’s Wednesday but that’s besides the point. This guy has the best job ever. This Newphie has been making me laugh for years. He has a show which is very similar to John Stewart’s Daily Show. His comedy revolves more around politics which is great ‘cuz I prefer to get my news from him than the actual news. Let’s face it, the news is such a downer. So he perks it up with some fake commercials, a report of him doing something awesome, my favourite part The Rant and then some more dissing of politicians.
A great show. Ever since Harper has been in power, every show he mocks him or shows Canada how dumb he be. I mean really, who likes that white devil. I’m not being racist he actually looks like a whitee devil with pale skin and rosy lips. A turtleneck to hide his vampire teeth marks. I don’t like him neither. He’s a douche!! What??

Getting back to Ricky, he has the best job ever. His awesome reports on ice sailing, to fishing in the middle of nowhere; playing with honey bees, bicycling with the pros or braking land speed records, this guy has a great job!!
Here are a few of his “reports” and of course, making fun of the PM.

Wouldn’t you love to get paid for this?

I love you Rick Mercer!

Although I love comedy from all over the world, I like to promote my fellow Canadians and Ricky really makes me love Canada that much more. Keep me laughing Mercer and I guanrantee I’ll keep watching! Here’s a link to his Youtube page. Much more rants and clips of him hating the PM. (God I don’t like that guy!)
Laugh on people, laugh on!!

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