Burgundy Lion 2nd Anniversary

Well it was a great night! It was Wednesday so yes I was nice and toastie by the end of the night. TuJo was out and about networking and looking for the funny highlight of the night. Man did we find many!! Celebrating their 2 year anniversary, the Burgundy Lion threw a great party. All the staff had to wear little pink tutus. As soon as I heard that, I was sold. Men in tights..Hells ya!

The Tu and Jo arrived at this kick ass pub around 11 o’clock. Needless to say, the place was packed. Now I always have a hard time breaking the ice. Yes, believe it or not, I’m a shy person. That’s why there’s Tuls, my PR CEO. As soon as we get there, she  instantly knows someone. Yes!!
It’s Tim the DJ. After introductions and a smoke, we enter this hype ass crowd, directly up the stairs to get settled. It’s great. People everywhere, nice and tipsy and because of the warm pub atmosphere, the clientele at the Lion is really chill.
 After getting mentally prepared, we charged the bar in hope to get a pint of crisp cold beer. Man was I thirsty. Great success!!I bulldozed my way and since Tuls is a regular, we got service pretty quick.  After some beers and Jameson shots, we were vibing and letting loose. There were probably some angry peeps ‘cuz I was snapping pictures left, right and center. Hey! I needed the art! That’s how chill this place is. Just a bunch of people having a good time.
That’s right men in tutus. Hilarious. I  love the hot pink leggings.  Beautiful touch! It was really busy but the staff kept there smile and their charm which, speaking from experience is really hard to do with a bunch of drunk people. Well done guys!
 As the night went on, I ran in to old friends, which was really cool. Sitting in the bathroom, drawing up little promo business cards, I heard what sounded like Jen Solley. I said “Naaaahhh! it can’t be” Only to my surprise as I emerge from the bathroom, BOOM! Jen. Looking great as usual. Vic too!! In their fashion wise tutus. I loved it! The world is such a small place. I couldn’t believe.
‘Twas real cool.
Aaahhh, good times!!
Owners and all got involved with the theme. Only the DJs who are too cool I guess didn’t participate. I really wanted to see that!
More unexpected friends came by as the night went on. This just means more beer, more shots, more good times.
Now I know cigarettes are bad for you and all the shiiit, OK ! But you can’t deny that the time you spend out there and the people you meet are priceless.
 Like this guy that Tuls had a fall out with him the first time they met and now they be chill. Dexter Dis his name, music is his game. We told him about our blog and he just started coming out with this funny shit. Luckily, my camera still had enough juice to get these 2 videos.
  If it ain’t funny, drink a couple of beers, then watch again.
Still need beers? Well then I can’t help you.
As you can see it was a fun night. The Burgundy Lion sure knows how to P-A-R-T-Y!
Check out this beautiful pub. For lunch or happy hour, the atmosphere is sure to lure you back again.
The staff is friendly and inviting. Overall we had a great time TuJo did. I suggest you follow the link to the Burgundy Lion and check out a great, chill place to wind down and forget about whatever we people have to forget about. Check our Facebook page for more photos.
And don’t forget to show y’all support with a thumbs up!
As always, laugh on people, laugh on!


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