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Ok, So I don’t know the origins of this trailer footage featuring the late Chris Farley, but re-mixed as Rob Ford the Movie trailer, it already has over 350,000 views, and by all accounts sure looks like the real deal. The voice over and film content is absolutely well put together – and this movie would totally be a hit – Plus, someone finally put Amy Winehouse’s Rehab track to good use as Mayor Ford’s theme song. 10 out of 10, especially since Farley is the perfect Rob Ford!

After jumping on the bandwagon myself to blog about the crack mayor story, I’m actually kind of rooting for Ford to get re-elected, as the local polls are still showing Toronto’s electorate is giving him greater than 50% approval. Unbelievable eh? I must admit seeing the SNL skits, John Stewart, Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper coverage – The guy is going to write a book and make a fortune one day soon. I mean really, he’s a celebrity now whether we accept it or not.

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