Sacrilegious Sunday at Danger Dulgar Comedy: Easter Edition

This years’ Easter Sunday was an interesting one to say the least. Never mind the fact that I ignored the residual guilt from a youth spent in church and slept in past the point of mustering up the energy to be a chreaster, I then decided to go to Montreal’s home of risqué humour, Danger Dulgar at Bar Bifteck. Talk about sacrilegious. Actually, perhaps I’ve become numb to it from the amount of comedy I devour, but the comics were blasphemy free (surprising considering the holiday) and relatively inoffensive. Mind you, I was not the one that got compared to a comedian’s girlfriend and then told I was less pretty.

There was a good showing, the audience was comprised of  quite a few comedians and their friends. I noticed a lot of women in the audience. Still they were a shy or maybe just hesitant group, either way they needed to be won over. Winning them over wasn’t an easy feat, but as some of the comedians found, it was possible. The lights were up so everyone could see each other, not so conducive to “dangerous” (aka offensive) comedy, but otherwise the room has a good setup.


Bruce Ly, photo credit: Adam Geraldi

As for the show, the host of the evening was the namesake, Kris Dulgar. A very friendly guy, a tad deceiving considering his propensity for offensive humour, Dulgar was gracious and quick to introduce the talent for the evening. First up was Bruce Ly who warmed up the room and did a good job of drawing out laughs with crowd work and a bit of local humour. Next was Gab Masson, who brought a more abrasive and confrontational approach. As such, he was probably the most obviously offensive of the bunch. While the delivery perhaps rankled, the twists in the jokes were delightful and surprising.

Following that bit of aggressiveness was the ever endearing and funny Kirsten Humbert, who despite having seen her a few times recently still made me laugh along with everyone else, especially after learning her grandma’s particular life hack. Up next, was JC Surette, who was a mix of playfully clever observational humour mixed with a bit of edgy, making it suitable for Danger Dulgar. Subsequently, George Hamilton Braithwaite brought some levity to a topical political subject regarding cake, here I will let you see for yourself.


Mike Ward, photo credit: Adam Geraldi

Morgan O’Shea brought on the chuckles with some sexually related humour that was new to me (this is the 3rd time he’s been on the line up for a show I’m covering, number 3 was certainly a charm). Finally, Mike Ward headlined the evening testing out material for his run this year as host of Just for Laughs’ The Nasty Show. For those of you that are fans of the comedy craft, you’re in for a real treat come July. Ward has the skills to turn a room around and have their sides-splitting in no time, as was proven Sunday night.

For information on each of the comedians, click on their highlighted names. Danger Dulgar is now EVERY Sunday night at Bar Bifteck at 8PM. The show switches between panel and stand up format so be sure to check their facebook page events section to know which you’re getting.

feature photo credit: Adam Geraldi

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