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Sebastien Bourgault, who recently started his English comedy career. With More than 1000 performances in bars, 10 Gala TV in Grand Rire and Comedy Club as well as several outdoor stages and appearances at the Just for Laughs festival on street art, Sebastien’s humorous background allows him to make real connection with the audience. He was also a columnist for Radio-Canada, in addition to shoot TV commercials and as spokesperson. Let yourself be transported into the energetic world of Sébastien Bourgault!

One of the best kept secrets in the entertainment industry, Bourgault is the archetype of tying comedian who tells you life as he sees it. His world is broke, delusional and without filter but still grounded in reality.It is the type to denounce the imperfections of society and to laugh at himself!

Refining its numbers from scene to scene for over 7 years, he learned his craft the hard and excels in all conditions under which it must perform. His experience and background give him a sense of distributed difficult to match and still allow him to “puncher” at the right time. A manic style will fill you with energy elsewhere!

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Article from Bill Brownstein

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