Sugar Sammy Winter 2014 Interview

As promised, the full interview with Sugar Sammy that was recorded on November 10, 2014.

Please note this interview was recorded for Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner CKUT 90.3FM segment. You can tune in every Thursday at 6:30pm to listen to Katelynd Kuhar interview great comedians and chat about what they like to drink as well.

Sugar Sammy Interview with Katelynd Kuhar

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A freelance writer/editor and a perpetual student. She has a vast range of passions that include: people/culture, fashion, music, and the arts. However, nothing rivals her intense fondness for the holy trinity that is: television, comedy, and sugar. Due to this she has been dubbed “the TV wife,” as she is trusted to suggest new shows to others and is game to watch it with them. She’s also a comedy nerd and a sugar fiend. Her relationship with sugar can be summed up in her concoction of Frozen Hot Chocolate, affectionately referred to by friends as ‘Diabetes in a Cup.’ Her motto is: “There’s no such thing as ‘guilty pleasures’, it’s all pleasure.”

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