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Community radio is so important. It’s where a lot of us discover our inner DJ, where we can tune in and listen to local artists, find out what’s going around Montreal’s indie scene and keep up to date with local comedy! That’s why you need to support CKUT 90.3 FM

For over as year now Boss Kuhar and I have been producing Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner segment every Thursday  on Upstage. From October 23rd to November 11th, CKUT radio station will be raising funds to keep community radio alive. Being a non-profit organization, CKUT must get their funds from advertising and the levy from the students of McGill. But that’s not enough. So we are calling on you listeners and supporters to help us raise some green.

To say thank you, CKUT has gifts for you. When you give a donation, you get prizes! That’s right folks prizes.  Check them out below.

  • $25 gets you a CD
  • $60 gets you a CD + entry into Grand Prize Draw + a custom CKUT gift item
  • $120(or $10/month) gets you a 2 CDs + 2 entries into Grand Prize Draw + 2 custom CKUT gift items
  • $240 (or $20/month) gets you a 3 CDs + 3 entries into Grand Prize Draw + 3 custom CKUT gift items
  • $480 (or $40/month) gets you 4 CDs + 4 entries into Grand Prize Draw + 4 custom CKUT gift items

But that’s not all! If you pledge over 60$, you will be entered in a draw to win these exclusive packages!

Upstage Crew: Katelynd Kuhar, Eric Sukhu and Sarah Deshaies

Upstage Crew: Katelynd Kuhar, Eric Sukhu and Sarah Deshaies

And there’s lots more. Check out the website for all the details. So call in, make a pledge online or even stop by the station in person and make a donation. Don’t forget to mention Upstage and we won’t forget you!

  • Call at 514.907.9424
  •  You can Pledge online
  • Stop by the station to pledge in person at 3647 University, corner Des Pins (Metro McGill). Monday to Friday from 11am-6pm

    We thank you all from Mobtreal, Upstage and CKUT in advance for your support!

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