The Absurd and comical Sam Simmons

If you’ve never seen lettuce being bashed together or witnessed toast on a string, you have never been to a Sam Simmons show. Not only does he break the mold of regular stand-up comedy, he takes it to a whole other level.

With the use of many props, sound cues and conversations with himself, this show will blow your socks off.

Kinda like how it blew my friends mind off when he smashed to Iceberg lettuce heads together. Now that may not sound hilarious to you but when Sam Simmons does it, it’s a riot! Iceberg lettuce will never be the same.

Sam uses his incredible stage presence to pull the audience into his imagination and his mind. What’s impressive is his performance around all these props and sounds cues.

My favorite part has to be the pouring of a whole box of Rice Krispies over his head. First off, I didn’t know there were so many rice Krispies is a box. Secondly, how funny and extreme is that!? What a way to start the show. That’s right, start.

‘Spaghetti for Breakfast’ was the second Sam Simmons show I’ve see and I can’t wait see the third. I am a fan for life! If you like interactive comedy with a hint of theatrical silliness, definitely catch Mr. Simmons next time he’s around.

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