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Since the world is in a tough spot, we all need a laugh – The Mob’s Press is announcing an online video festival to showcase Canadian comedians:

The Great Canadian House Arrest Comedy Fest!

Calling all comedians to submit a video today!

Logo design by Reese Turner – @RE_Reeset

The Mob’s Press is curating a showcase of Canada’s top comedic talent and you’re invited to send in a video clip to participate.

The Great Canadian House Arrest Comedy Fest is in direct response to the COVID-19 bans on large gatherings that have closed venues and halted live, in-person performances.

While everyone is under house-arrest, self-quarantine, and lockdown – Let’s give Canada a laugh on us. From now until the end of April, we will be accepting comedy video submissions for airing during the festival. Beginning April 1st we will drop a number of videos every day on social media. The festival is scheduled to run for the month of April, depending on how many submissions we receive. Multiple submissions are acceptable.